Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Stealing: Have You Ever

The Have You Ever Meme
From Sunday Stealing

Have you ever:

1) . . . been lost in a maze?

A. Only the maze of life, which is a labyrinth that constantly trips me up.
2) . . . been attacked by a wild animal?

A. Not that I recall. I've been attacked by a dog.
3) . . . ridden a camel?

A. No. This question made me think about a song by Ray Stevens called Ahab the Arab, who had a camel named Clyde.
4) . . . pet a rat?

A. My mother killed one once with her shoe during her Christmas party.
5) . . . been a member of a gym?

A. No.
6) . . . been in a helicopter?

A. I've been in a hot air balloon. Is that close?

7) . . . cheated at a test?

A. Not that I recall.
8) . . . ridden a tractor?

A. I live on a farm. What do you think? I've not just ridden on a tractor, I've driven one, too.
9) . . . passed wind/gas in an embarrassing situation?

A. I'm sure I have but I can't recall any particulars.
10) . . . played the bongos?

A. I think in elementary school they were one of the instruments the music teacher handed out. And this question made me think of this scene from The Big Bang Theory.
11) . . . handled a snake?

A. I've killed a few. One I shot about 8 times with a .22 rifle, and another I hacked to pieces with a hoe.
12) . . . assembled furniture by yourself?

A. Yes.
13) . . . been scuba diving?

A. No.
14) . . . had a disastrous interview?

A. I've been on many interviews for jobs and I didn't end up with the position, so they must have been somewhat disastrous. I've also performed many interviews as a journalist, and a few of those did not go as expected.
15) . . . sold your services?

A. :::pulling mind out of gutter::: I am a freelance writer, and I have been paid for that service, as well as my photography.
16) . . . raised money for charity?

A. Yes.
17) . . . won a giant sized cuddly toy from a fair?

A. I've won things at fairs, but not giant-sized things.
18) . . . milked a cow?

A. Yes.
19) . . . used the phrase "back in my time" to someone younger than you?

A. Probably. Back in my time they didn't have memes like this, that's for sure.

20) . . . invented a fairly unique meal or drink?
A. Can't say that I have.


  1. Some places know who they are going to hire before they do the interviews. just a thought. The interviews are a formality they go through that doesn't mean much sometimes.

  2. Hacking a snake--you're a brave woman!

  3. Ah, a snake charmer are we? And yes, back in my time (also) they did not have memes like this one. You are so right! Loved your answers! That clip from Big Bang Theory was fab!

  4. Ha! I had the same problem with the question about selling my services. I wonder if that's the writer's mind? I HATE snakes, but I don't know if I could get close enough on purpose to hack one to pieces. **shudder** Thanks, by the way, for Ahab the Arab...I'm going to be singing it the rest of the day.

  5. My parents use to get snakes in their garage in Florida all the time. They looked just like hoses. yikes!

  6. 1-5 -- No
    #6 -- I've been in a helicopter simulator, does that count?
    12, 15-17 -- Yes


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