Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Stealing: Are You?

From Sunday Stealing
The "Are You" Meme

Are you:

1) psychic in any way?

A. One of my friends thinks so. Two days before my husband was injured on the farm this summer, I was out with a friend and I kept calling my husband to check on him, something I seldom do. My friend said I was having a premonition about his accident. I have had other things happen that make me wonder.
2) a good dancer?

A. Two left feet and a little bit o' rhythm, but I gotta dance 'cause that's all about livin'.

3) a good singer?

A. I can carry a tune and I don't even need a bucket!

4) a good cook?

A. I make killer fudge. I can roast meat, stuff like that. But I ain't no Julia Child.

5) a good artist?

A. My drawings look like baby squiggles. I am a somewhat decent photographer, if one considers that art.

6) a good listener?

A. I am a journalist and thus a skilled listener. The key to being a good listener is to ask open-ended questions (not yes or no queries) so that the other person talks. Asking why is always good. Don't ask, "Do you like your job?" but instead ask, "Why do you like your job?". It will elicit more responses.

7) a good public speaker?

A. I'm afraid I get very nervous when I am speaking in public, though I am better at it than I used to be.

8) a good babysitter?

A. I never had children of my own, and I haven't had to take care of a young child in many years, so I would say probably not.

9) a good mechanic?

A. I can change a tire. These days, no one can be a good mechanic. Too much computer crap under the hood.

10) a good diplomat?

A. I give good advice. I don't think that is the same thing, though.

11) a good employee?

A. I work for myself, and I am not a good employee. When I used to work for someone else, I was a very good employee.

12) a good dresser?

A. I wear jeans and T-shirts. For dress clothes, I have a closet full of Alfred Dunner from J.C. Penney, which I have recently learned is a major designer faux paux. However, they are the only clothes that fit me.

13) a good swimmer?

A. I can stay afloat. When I was younger and stronger I was a much better swimmer. But then, weren't we all?

14) a good skier?

A. I have never skied. I am not athletic so my guess would be no.

15) a good gift giver?

A. I try to be.

16) a good musician?

A. I am fair. Not good, just fair. I play well enough for myself.

17) a good comedian?

A. I am told I have a wry wit and a keen sense of humor.

18) a good cleaner?

A. When I am well, yes, I am a good cleaner.

19) a good actor?

A. I have never acted in any capacity so I don't know.

20) a good writer?

A. I have a bunch of writing awards that say I am a good writer. So I suppose I am.


  1. it s hard to read lots of books and clean at the same time

  2. Loved your answers and that advice about asking open-ended questions. I remember learning that back in my journalism classes and life has taught me to use that method on my kids and husband, too!

  3. I'm a floater, too, although it's been YEARS since I've been swimming.

  4. I have learned that unfortunately, being a good cleaner means that I have to clean up after everyone else.

  5. Photography is definitely art!! I have several Alfred Dunner outfits in my closet...hadn't heard it is not good fashion. It fits, looks decent and is comfortable....

    Enjoyed your answers!!

  6. When answering these questions, I really felt my age.
    You had great answers! And yes, photography is an Art. Your header, alone, shows that you have that talent!

  7. 1 - I've dreamed events and conversations that later happened, so I'd say yes, to some degree.
    3 - I can sing in tune - though I have trouble hitting high C these days
    5 - I'm not good at drawing, though I do okay in Pictionary. I'm much better at stamping and nature or still life photography
    7 - I hate public speaking
    9 - Don't know much about mechanics, but at least I know how to unstick a car from deep snow without flooding the engine (unlike some of my neighbors)
    12 - I don't wear paisley and stripes together, does that count?
    13/14 - Used to be a good swimmer, but have never skied
    16 - Used to be a fair violinist, but have not played in ages.
    18 - Define good . . . My house isn't a sty, but it's not immaculate, either
    20 - I used to think I was a good writer, now . . . not so sure.


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