Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve, 2014


A big shout-out and a thank-you to my blog readers, who keep me on my toes and help me keep up with my writing and photography. I am very grateful to you for spending time with me.

I hope that Santa is good to all of you tomorrow, and that as things wind down, you find a moment to reflect on your year and determine to change the things that were not to your liking.

Best wishes to you, one and all!

Happy Holidays from Blue Country Magic aka CountryDew aka Anita


  1. Anita, Merry Christmas to you and your husband and your family too. Our celebration this year is very low key and different than expected and I may post the reason in awhile, but we are together to celebrate the day and that is the best gift.

  2. Christmas blessings wished for you and yours, and I also wish you a healthier new year, Anita!! Love & hugs across the miles!


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