Friday, December 05, 2014

Book Club Christmas Party

I belong to a book club that meets every other month. We've been getting together for 10 years now and have read and discussed a great many books.

We meet at the library, but in December we meet at a local eating establishment and read poems to one another. We have great fun.

I took these photos using my Nikon Coolpix L22, not the best choice of camera for the venue. I should have taken along my Canon as it works better for these types of events.

Peggy & Pat

Genevieve and Ulla

Pam and Beth

Group shot. That's me in the blue on
the right. I'd handed my camera over
to Harriet.

Another group shot.

The ladies here are Joy, Betty, Peggy, Pat
(on the back row) and me, Pat (yep, two
Pats), and Dreama.

This was Peggy's Brandy Rum something or
another. It looked delicious.

Harriet taking photos.

Me looking drugged. I wasn't drinking
but I was hurting as I'd had physical
therapy earlier that day.

Bobby Lou, Meredith, Harriet, Dreama

Pat reading her poem

Mary Lou, Sudie, and Harriet

Me reading my poem, with Harriet,
Dreama, and Pat looking on.

Mary Lou reading her poem.

Most folks brought poems written by someone else; I read a poem I had written (mostly because I was told to). Mary Lou read a poem a student had written.

We always have a good time. It is a great bunch of ladies and we enjoy one another's company. Sometimes this is the only time I see these women, though I consider all of them my friends.

Book clubs are wonderful things.


  1. i've always thought a book club would be so much fun! especially after reading "angry houswives eating bon bons" ;) i'm glad you had an enjoyable night out with friends!

  2. It looks like it was a fun event, and that brandy something or other does look good.

  3. It looks like a wonderful group to be part of!!

  4. you make me smile. i love looking back at shots of me ... & wondering what i was thinking? like i could make my own caption. too cute!! i would love to be in a book club. my neighbor does let me borrow books but some are not my taste. ( :


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