Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Stealing: Thanksgiving Meme

From Sunday Stealing

Thanksgiving Meme

(Thanksgiving Day is November 27 in the USA)

1. Are you celebrating Thanksgiving at home or elsewhere this year? With whom will you spend Thanksgiving Day?

A. The crystal ball is unclear on the answer to this question at the moment. 

2. What do you have for breakfast on Thanksgiving?

A. Same thing I have on other days.
3. Do you go to a Thanksgiving parade or watch one on TV?

A. Sometimes I watch the one on TV, but not every year. 

4. Do you serve appetizers, lunch, or snacks during the day?

A. We usually eat a light lunch.
5. What do you wear on Thanksgiving?

A. Clothes. 

6. What's your Thanksgiving table like -- do you use special plates/silver/glasses, etc? Do you have a centerpiece? A color scheme? Candles?

A. Generally Thanksgiving is not at my house. 

7. Do you serve buffet-style or family-style? What do you have to drink?

A. A mix.

8. Once you're at the table, do you say grace or a toast or does everyone go around and say what they're thankful for?

A. Not usually.

9. Do you have dessert right after the main meal or later on?

A. Depends on what dessert is and what time we finish eating.

10. What do you do with your leftovers?
A. Eat them.


  1. I am usually too stuffed to have dessert right away, no matter how much I enjoy pumpkin pie, there is no way I can eat it right away! Have a great Thanksgiving week!

  2. I hear ya on the crystal ball thing. We are in the layover between visiting in-laws and being in-laws. I like the quietness of that.

  3. We do a no-fuss Thanksgiving, it's nice. I hope you have a great holiday.

  4. We are also in a bit of limbo for Thanksgiving this year. I don't seem to be minding that one bit.

  5. OMG I completely LOL'd at your last one "eat them" HAHAHAHAH... that's so funny... and I totally almost said "clothes" too!

  6. I found a recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers I want to try. It is a casserole with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mayo, cranberry sauce and mozzarella cheese. I have no idea if it is edible, but I am going to try it!

  7. ROFL... Love some of your answers for this one. I'll be joining a friend's family and helping with some of the cooking and clean-up. They do dessert right after dinner, and I always wish we could do it a bit after. In our family, we always cleaned up dinner first, and dessert came at least an hour later.


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