Friday, October 03, 2014

Taking the Cousins to Blue Ridge Winery

Botetourt County has three wineries, and I always enjoy Blue Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Rock. You can't beat the views. I don't know about the wine as I don't drink, but the views are spectacular.

Isn't that pretty?
Cousin Kathy with the official greeter at the winery.
Cousin Karen looking over things.
The wine tasting.
A sampling of the vineyard's offerings.
The tasting room.
Apparently it was good wine; they each took some home with them.
Outside there is a big floor space for dancing and gatherings.
Wouldn't it be a nice spot for a wedding?
One year we were up here and saw bears.
A contemplative moment for Cousin Karen.
And a final shot of Uncle Buddy at my mother-in-law's, because, well, he's Uncle Buddy.


  1. oh yes, this is my favorite local winery, it's beautiful!

  2. Our daughter has booked her wedding there for next year. It's beautiful.


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