Saturday, October 04, 2014

Saturday 9: Rubber Ducky

Saturday 9: Rubber Ducky (1970)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is sung by Muppet Ernie. Who's your favorite Muppet?

A. Kermit got to me with The Rainbow Connection song.

2) Ernie became famous on PBS's Sesame Street. What public television shows do you watch?

A. I like that show Makers. It features a lot of women, like Women in Comedy, Women in Hollywood.

3) When you were a little kid, what was your favorite TV show?

A. Land of the Giants. It lasted for two seasons from 1968 - 1970. It was a sci-fi show (yes, I have always been a geek). Sometimes, I think I am the only person in the world who remembers this show.

I was also a fan of Dark Shadows, which first aired in 1966.

4) On Sesame Street, Ernie frequently teases his best friend Bert by stealing his nose. Do you enjoy practical jokes?

A. Not particularly. However, I am married to a firefighter, and firefighters and police officers are infamous for their practical jokes.

5) Sesame Street creators developed carefree Ernie and serious Bert to show children that different types of people can be good friends. Think about your closest friend. Tell us how you two differ.

A. Hmm. One of us is incredibly dedicated to a job. One of us really loves politics. One of us really enjoys science fiction and fantasy (the other one hates it). One of us is normal weight while the other is obese. 

6) Bert and Ernie share a basement apartment on Sesame Street. Tell us about the basement of the building you're in right now.

A. We don't have a basement. We built our house on a slab, which is to say, the flooring site directly on concrete. The hill we are on is nothing but rock. 

7) Ernie and Bert were created by Jim Henson. In addition to being an accomplished puppeteer, Mr. Henson was also a talented cartoonist. Can you draw? 

A. Not very well. 

8) Jim Henson made his first puppets himself using felt, foam rubber, string and rods -- all items that can be purchased at an arts and crafts store. When is the last time you shopped in an arts and crafts store?

A. One of my friends dragged me into one back in the summer. Fortunately we do not have a Hobby Lobby in my area, for I would not have stepped a single toe in that store. 

9) When is the last time you took a bath (as opposed to a shower)?

A. A few weeks ago. I much prefer showers to baths, though. However, my physical therapist considers them therapeutic and helpful for some of my current health issues.



  1. I have to confess, I watched the Land of the Giants.

  2. I used to watch Land of the Giants. But we weren't allowed to watch TV during the school year "Read a book!", so Only a few episodes in re-runs.

    We have been watching Doc Martin on PBS and now that we have traveled to Cornwall, it is fun to see the locations where we walked when there.

  3. "rainbow connection" used to make me so sad...well it still does. i first learned it during summer fun when we were taught it to perform at our finale but i hadn't heard the original version--just learned the song from what was taught to us by the summer fun junior leaders. but then later on i happened to see the "video" of kermit with his banjo singing the song and then it struck me how sad the song really is. of course i do tend to read too much into things... :P

  4. I've always loved Rainbow Connection.

  5. My mom was always watching Dark Shadows when I came home from school. That was a long time ago

  6. Oh, Doc Martin is so good!

    And basements vs rocks.....I think the La Mesa Agglomerate that is underlayment to most of western San Diego County is one of the reasons no one even attempts to add a basement to plans. Many house were built right after WWII that weren't on slabs and could have had basements. Some houses built on hillsides have a pseudo-basement. Not as much fun as a real one.

  7. I saw Land of the Giants recently! If it ever comes around again, don't watch it. The effects are not at all convincing. (We must have been a gullible generation.) Better to remember it.

  8. 1 - I love "Rainbow Connection," but my favorite Muppet since I was a kid is Mr. Snuffleupagus, a woolly mammoth.
    2 - I can't watch PBS, as I can't get any of the three local channels to come in lately.
    3 - "New Zoo Revue"
    4 - Not a fan of practical jokes
    5 - Best friend and I are different in a lot of ways, but share many reading interests.
    6 - I work in a basement office. Usually cold in winter and very few windows
    7 - Not that great a drawer, but I do okay in Pictionary.
    8 - I stopped by Joann's Friday night for some metallic gold floss to finish an ornament I was working on. Took me longer to get through the check out lane than it did to find what I needed.
    9 - Bath...Sometime earlier this year, can't even remember what month that was.


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