Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

1. According to a Buzzfeed test, I'm a hardcover book. At first I was disappointed that this didn't point toward a genre, but then I thought, hmm. Let's analyze this. The other possible answers would be a paperback or an e-book, I suppose. But I'm hardcover. Hard core? Hard up? Hard ... well, I won't go there. Hardcover book. Good books come out first in hardcover. First edition! I'm a first edition!

2. Hardcover books are more expensive, now running something like $28.99. I can remember when hardcover books cost about what paperback books do now. I'm not sure why they went up in price. I did a search but all that came back were articles on the rising costs of textbooks, which I did not read. Textbooks are incredibly costly, though, so maybe someone should investigate.

3. Not only am I a hardcover book, but my karma is "above average," according to yet another Buzzfeed test. I am "the good egg." I have always tried to be the good egg but I fear that in today's society being the good egg means you're always on the bottom.

4. Speaking of eggs, one of my favorite jokes when I was young went something like this: A southerner was listening in on a conversation and she heard a northerner talking about a "nominal egg." For a long time she couldn't figure out what kind of egg that was, and then realized the northerner was saying "an arm and a leg," as in, something was overpriced. For a long time I called overpriced stuff a "nominal egg" and nobody knew what I was talking about.

5. Buzzfeed also says I am a "Type A" personality. "You are competitive, goal driven, and basically get shit done. You like to do things the right way because it’s the only way. Being type-A is a blessing; it takes a lot of work to be the best." I am not sure I agree with this one, as I am not competitive or goal driven. I do, however, like to do things right. I've only ever heard of Type A personalities. What are the other types?

6. Apparently Type B is the other type. "People with Type B personality by definition generally live at a lower stress level and typically work steadily, enjoying achievement but not becoming stressed when they do not achieve. They may be creative and enjoy exploring ideas and concepts. They are often reflective." This sounds more like me except I am always highly stressed. Maybe I'm a Type A and a Half.

7. My next $100 should go to charity, Buzzfeed says. I'm a kind and generous person. At least there is some consistency to these silly tests.

8. I do donate to a number of charities. Most are local. I would donate more to national charities but they then send out so much BS in the mail that I figure anything I donate goes to mailing list costs. I would rather the money actually be put to good use for something, like keeping a local historic home from falling down, or helping a homeless person in Roanoke get back on her feet.

9. I also have a crush on someone but never talk about it, according to Buzzfeed. Um. No. I am in love with my husband and never think about anyone else. And believe me, after 31 years of marriage, if something happens to him, I ain't doing that again.

10. However, I would like to find my passion. I think that is something I am missing. I am passionate about writing but not necessarily about what I write. I have been looking for the story that makes me want to get up and write it every day. So far I haven't found it.

11. But maybe my passion is really learning - Buzzfeed says I should go back to school as my next major move. "School is the best. You don’t have to wake up early and all you have to worry about is filling your brain. Plus, it’s maybe what you need if you’ve been thinking about a career change."

12. Actually, I really love college and learning, and wouldn't mind going back to school. It is, however, expensive and since I have no actual goal in mind, other than wandering the halls of learning, I can't really justify a return to education, unless I try teaching again.

13. All in all, I would say these quizzes are useless, but I do them sometimes because they make me think. When the answers are unexpected, I see it as an opportunity to gain new perspective. It's rather like reading your horoscope or throwing out a Tarot card - there is no right or wrong, but it's all in how you play the game and take the answer.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 361st time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. I'm with you on the charities! They spend more money trying to get me to write another check than I gave them in the first place. My current favorite is the Red Cross. I give them blood every couple of months. They CAN"T ask for more than I give and we are all happy.

  2. Apparently I am a "Well-Loved Book": Your pages are loose and dog-eared, your spine broken many times over. You’re the book someone stays up late with, reading you under the covers over and over again.
    My T13

  3. I don't think good eggs are always at the bottom. At least I hope not since I also try to be one.

    As to the rising price of paper goods, it might not be related but three pulp mills in town closed when the economy tanked years ago, and they are still closed.

  4. I do those games on Facebook now and then, but they are silly and for fun only. Most are way off, for me. You had some interesting results!


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