Monday, September 08, 2014

Like A Statue

The buck, standing about 50 yards away, spotted me when I slipped around the corner of the house to get these shots. We stood there eyeing one another for several minutes.

I stood still as a statue, except for my finger clicking the camera and occasional adjustment of the tripod. Slow movements from me.

Eventually, he stamped a hoof at me, to try to get me to move. I stayed steady. Unnerved, he turned and moved back into the trees, though he did not lift his tail in that flag of warning. Instead he simply crossed over the hill, out of sight.

The doe behind him never saw me.


  1. He's a beauty! I haven't seen any bucks in my area, though I saw a tree yesterday in the Arboretum that looked like a buck had been at it.


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