Monday, August 11, 2014

Update on Hubby

Here's a quick update on my husband's condition after his incident with a hay baler on July 5. He is doing physical therapy and has mobility in his hand and arm. He can't make a fist yet and still has swelling. He has new skin and scars, as most of the hide on the top side was taken off by the hay baler belts. He has one long scar down the inside of his arm where the surgeons had to cut him open to release pressure and repair and remove damaged blood vessels and nerves. He looked a bit like Frankenstein there for the first few weeks, but now, not so much.
He still can't drive, which is frustrating for him, but in time he will be released for that. The doctor said he had to be able to make a fist before he would release him to drive and he still has too much swelling for that.
His prognosis is good. By this time next year, hopefully this will all be but a memory.


  1. Sounds like he is progressing well. I bet he can't wait to drive again. I know it would bother Lee.

  2. He is highly motivated to get back into action which is what it takes, it may not be as long as they think if he keep at it.

  3. Glad to hear he is making progress, even if it is not as fast as he would like. As the tortoise learned, slow and steady wins the race.

    I thought of your husband last Friday night, in his firefighting capacity. There was a monster blaze on the opposite side of the city -- an apartment complex under construction that took up an entire city block. People could feel the heat of it a block away, and I could see the smoke clear over here on my side of town, several miles away! Thankfully, though some nearby houses and other property were damaged, there were no injuries or fatalities. Sure makes you appreciate people like your husband! ☺


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