Monday, August 18, 2014

Tree Lines, Sky Lines, and Power Lines

Took a trip on the utility vehicle across the top of the hill on the farm the other day to check on things. I snapped these shots whilst riding along, so they aren't of anything particular. Just some different views.

What's left of the forest behind the house.
Before the logging in 2007, this was a much thicker stand of trees.
Blue skies!
Lots of thistle up top. There were butterflies everywhere but I did not stop for photos.
On a clear day, I can see forever. Or at least to the first mountain.
I love the rolling hills.
Power line and fence.
Note the two butterflies in the middle of the photo.
This large power line traverses the farm.
The tree line of the forest behind my house as seen from the west.


  1. Some beautiful scenic views -- I particularly like the first and fourth.


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