Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

Lines from my Facebook Feed:

1. "You know it's a wicked fart when it wakes people up from a dead sleep."

2. "Lightning is hard to catch."

3. "Somebody please get rid of that chicken fat song."

4. A. "Randy Travis is not Dwight Yoakum."
    B. "How do their butts compare?"

5. "I should add we found the empty champagne bottle behind the rock. It's not ours. Or the baby's."

6. "Cry Freedom cry from deep inside where we are all confined ... Hands and feet are all alike but gold between divides, hands and feet are all alike but fear between divides us.... Hear what I say. Hear what I say. Oh. so be It. Oh, there is a way .How can I turn away? Brother, sister go dancing through my head, human as to human. The future is no place to place your better days."

7. "Well, that was fun. An evening of rampant cynicism and righteous indignation. This program brought to you by Five Old Farts, LLC, the guys that gave you Bush as president and took apart everything we've needed to insure equal protection under the law. Tune in next week when we bring you Tacky Shacky Challenges the 19th Amendment, citing religious differences. It's going to be an exciting program! Don't miss it! You kids get to bed now."

8. "23,380 steps today. I'm one tired puppy!"

9. "My dream? To have an openly gay person on the court. Not a "maybe is, rumor has it" but an OUT gay person.

10. "On this day in the year of our Lord 1776, the Second Continental Congress, assembled in Philadelphia, formally adopted Richard Henry Lee's resolution for independence from Great Britain. The vote was unanimous, with only New York abstaining."

11. "I still prefer hot hot hot to cold cold cold! I didn't spend the day shoveling 22 inches of snow!"

12. "Target became the latest in a series of major national chains to deliver a clear message to customers: Leave your guns at home."

13. "The lights on the carnival midway gate have been updated to all-LED. Also brand new for 2014? Tailgating. At the Fair. At the Civic Center."

I did not write any of these lines; these are the things that greet me in the mornings.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 351st time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. You sure can see some interesting and bizarre things on FB.

  2. LOL. These are great. I can kind of visualize who might have said them. Like catching lightening. I visualize a scientist. They say stuff like that all the time.

  3. I like the way they mix together and take dramatic and unexpected turns. Are they people's status updates? I don't think mine are that funny but maybe I should pay more attention!

  4. Good lines. I like, "Lightning is hard to catch." :)

  5. Fun list! On contrary to you I prefer cold cold cold to hot hot hot....I think it's because I like in Tropic ;)

  6. I'd laugh over number seven if there wasn't so much truth in it. Sorry I missed this last week -- I wasn't able to get round to everyone before being gone all weekend. :-\


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