Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Books: Search for Love

Search for Love
By Nora Roberts
Performed by Gayle Hendrix
Audio approximately 5.25 hours
Copyright 1991, audio copyright 2009

This book is a romance written nearly 25 years ago. I have been reading later Nora Roberts work and been pleased overall. This book was not disappointing but I did feel like I was reading someone else's work. It doesn't have quite the expertize and command of language of her later writings.

In this story, Serenity Smith, an artist in the DC area, is summoned to Europe by a long-lost grandmother. Upon her arrival, she meets her cousin-by-marriage, the current count of an aristocratic estate.

You know how it goes then. He wants her, she wants him, stuff intervenes, love overcomes, happily ever after.

Easy listening on long drives back and forth to physical therapy. It was also nice to realize that I was right in my earlier thinking that Roberts wrote romances. Some of her later work leaps beyond that category so I was wondering if I was misremembering.


  1. I like the older romances. They feel like nostalgia.

  2. I haven't read this one, but it's probably in one of the republished anthologies I have. I've been pecking away at her older series, but have yet to get to some of the older single title releases. Some day... :-D


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