Monday, June 09, 2014

Medicine Applicator For Your Back

Sometimes when you are alone, you need things done that require a second person. I have a husband but he's a busy guy and our schedules don't always work out so that he can help me.

Applying something like Ben Gay or a similar product to the muscles of your mid-back qualifies as one of those. The same goes with suntan lotion. How do you get it back there without contorting yourself up into a pretzel?

My solution to this issue was to purchase a hardy back scrubber and make it into something I could use as an applicator.

You will need a back cleaner brush, preferably one with stout bristles, some tape (I used some surgical tape I had here, but duct tape would do), a pair of scissors, and a covering. I am using a surgical wound pad here, but I have also used facial cleaner pads with good results.

Cover the bristles with your pad.

Tape all the way around so that the pad is firmly in place.

Apply the medication (or suntan lotion).

I usually rub the medication into the pad a little bit, and then reach the back scrubber over my shoulder and place the medication where I want.

Incidentally, I like BioFreeze, which is only sold at places like physical therapy and chiropractic businesses and not in general stores, but you could use this for any product you need to apply in a hard-to-reach area.

So there you have it. A self-applicator.

*No one paid me to mention any product. This is just a helpful hint.*


  1. Now aren't you the clever one! I'll have to remember this tip.

  2. What a good idea. But, don't get too clever. You don't want your husband to think he isn't important!

  3. Genius! Glad you found a method of application that works for you. You really are clever, my Dear!

  4. Very clever! I'll have to remember this.


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