Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Listen to the Radio

Saturday 9: Little Red Corvette
(recommended by Smellyann) 

No link this week. Prince apparently is very strict about copyright infringement.

1) The subject of this song is frankly sexual. Do you blush easily?

A. Not as easily as I used to. 

2) Prince is his real name (Prince Rogers, to be exact). Growing up, his relatives called him "Skipper." Do you have any nicknames within your family?

A. I do, but if I wrote them out, I'd have to kill all of my readers.

3) Prince says he's "obsessed" with Mozart and reads whatever he can find about the composer. What's the last book you read?

A. Heal Pelvic Pain, by Amy Stein. Not very thrilling, is it. I reviewed it here earlier this week.

4) Between Prince and The Beach Boys, the Corvette is a much sung-about car. Tell us about your vehicle.
A. Happy to. I have a brand new 2014 Toyota Camry SE that I purchased in April. It is white with a black and gray interior. It doesn't have quite as much upfront storage as my 2003 Camry but I am adjusting. It has a backup camera and lots of places for connecting computerized gadgets and smart phones. Which would be great except I don't have a smart phone. Maybe one day.

5) In the 1980s, when Prince was popular, MTV could turn a song into a hit. In 2014, how do you hear new music?

A. I listen to the radio. How's that for old fashioned?

6) In 1982, when "Little Red Corvette" ruled the airwaves, Braniff Airways shocked the travel industry and threw passengers into chaos by declaring bankruptcy. When did you last fly? Did your trip go smoothly?
A. I last flew in 1993. My father gave my husband and me a free plane trip to Florida to Disney World as a combined gift for my college graduation and 30th birthday. He gave us his frequent flyer miles. The trip was fine. Obviously I am not a frequent flyer. I doubt I ever get back on a plane. That's okay with me.

7) 1982 is also the year Disney opened Epcot. Have you ever been to a Disney park?

A. Yes, see above. In 1993. We were only there for four days which wasn't long enough, but we had a good time.

8) 1982 is the year Cheers premiered. The sitcom was set in a bar where "everybody knows your name." Tell us about your favorite local bar or restaurant.

A. My favorite local restaurant is Shakers, which is in Roanoke near the mall shopping area. They have great baked spaghetti, good sandwiches, and a nice dinner menu. They play 1970s and 1980s music and I feel very comfortable there. I also appreciate that it is not a major chain, so I feel like I'm helping out my community when I eat there.

9) The 1980s were considered a highpoint in professional tennis, with Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe dominating the sport. Do you play tennis?

A.  Only on the Wii.


  1. I would love a back up camera, especially on the RV.

  2. I've never played Wii tennis. Sounds great. Maybe if I mastered it at home I wouldn't be so worried about embarrassing myself on the court.

  3. I have only played Wii bowling. I'll have to try the tennis sometime.

  4. ooh, shakers looks yummy! my sister's van has a camera so you can see as you're backing up, which threw me off when i first drove it! my little car just has a little beepy thing as i back up to warn me if i'm close to bumping something.

  5. I have all those gadgets on my Prius and I love the backup camera... I think it is great for ol' fogies like me.

  6. nice car! I love flying, traveling - all that. I'm excited the boy wants to be a pilot, because then Mama gets to fly freeeeeee!! :)

  7. I use to play wii tennis but, I quit because I swear that wii cheats.

  8. Shame that more people don't listen to the radio, it was always on in my house when I was young. I had a giggle at No.2, we have to keep most nicknames hush hush!

  9. Well, that was a fun read. Pelvic pain reading sounds like a thrill a minute! ;)

  10. OK, now I don't feel so bad for not having been on a plane to anywhere since 2000. ;-)

  11. Happy Sunday and thank you for visiting my blog.


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