Monday, June 02, 2014

Books: Midnight Bayou

Midnight Bayou
By Nora Roberts
Audio 5 discs (6 hours)
Read by James Daniels & Sandra Burr
Copyright 2002

Nora Robert offers up a romantic suspense - almost a gothic romance - in this interesting tale set in the New Orleans bayous.

Declan, from Boston, has been drawn to the old Manet mansion ever since he was a teenager. Now a wealthy lawyer (retiring early at the old age of 30 something), he decides to purchase the place and fix it back up.

But the mansion has a history, harboring secrets of murder and pain. The ghosts affect Declan - but thanks to Lina Simone, who has her own connection to the house - he manages to work it all out.

This was well-read by Daniels and Burr, with Burr alternating on the back story. Daniels did a nice job with different voices of characters. It always amazes me how much a good reading of a book matters with regards to how well I enjoy it.

Anyway, Roberts does not disappoint with this story. I enjoyed it very much.

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  1. I read this one some years back and also enjoyed it. I'm planning to start "The Hollow" (book two in the Sign of Seven trilogy) as soon as I finish my current book, "East of Eden." I hoped to get a chunk of it read over the weekend, but ended up having little time to read. So, only about 50 pages read instead of the 200 planned.


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