Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three On Thursday

New Meme: Three on Thursday

1. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

A. I like A&W Root Beer. I also like decaffeinated Classic Coke. Do they still call it that, or is it all just Coke? I remember when the New Coke debuted and it did not do well. Anyway, because of my ulcers, I have not had soda of any kind since October 31, though.

2. Have you heard of the Kidnapped Nigerian Girls? Do you think that the US should do more to return these girls home?  Over 200 girls have been kidnapped from their school and held hostage by a militant group and/or being sold as child brides for $12 each. Very tragic.

A. Yes, I have read the news about this incident. I am not sure what more the US should do, as I understand they've sent resources to Nigeria. The girls have to be located, first, I think. And then plans must be put in place to ensure their safety. It is not an easy situation and not one about which I feel educated enough to make armchair comments. I agree, it is a tragic situation and something the international community as a whole should decry and work to change.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world (money is no issue) where would you live?

A. I like where I live now though I wouldn't mind a little bigger home (not by much, just maybe another 800 square feet or so). If money is no issue, then I would like to have several homes. This one in the Blue Ridge Mountains, another at Myrtle Beach, SC, and one somewhere over in Scotland.


  1. I know, like the united states can do everything for everybody, right?!

  2. The situation in Nigeria is horrible and it's sad that they might never find those girls. There would have been more of a chance of finding them had they not waited so long to search for them or to ask the world for help.

  3. Great answers and thanks for linking up. Yes, the US cannot solve everything, but I am glad they are willing to help. I like A and W root beer too! Scotland would be nice as well, lots of history and culture there as well.


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