Thursday, May 01, 2014

Three On Thursday

Three on Thursday

Oh boy, a new meme!

1. Other than sleep and eat, what is your favorite thing to do?

A. I like to write, read, and be with my husband. I also enjoy photography, looking out the window, daydreaming, video games, and playing the guitar.

2. What are you thoughts about Health Care?

A. The Affordable Care Act was a gift to the health insurance companies and big business, and ultimately did nothing for us poor sots who live in this nation. It did not go far enough; I wanted the single payer option and something more along the lines of what England had (before they started to dismantle it to be like us). Our health care on the whole is a joke; our system is in distress and is beyond contempt. We let people die when we could save them, we allow hospitals to run people from their homes over unpaid bills, and we spend time and effort on the "disease of the day" instead of looking for wellness cures to our myriad of ills. We desperately need properly trained dieticians and nutritionists, more physical therapists, better mental health care, and more primary care physicians. We need to take the money out of medicine. It should be about people's needs, not people's greed.

3. Who would you say is your celebrity look-a-like? (feel free to post side by side comparison)

A. To the best of my knowledge, I don't have one.


  1. My potter son now has health and dental insurance for $40 a month! But it didn't help me, just raised my deductible. I wanted the public option and all the buyer power/savings that would have brought. As it is, I think more people have insurance that wouldn't have but the boat was not rocked nearly enough.

  2. thanks for linking up! most have said that insurance companies are not helping this matter. i think you could pass for someone in Congress! you look very professional :)


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