Monday, May 12, 2014

Daleville Town Center

Daleville Town Center is a development in Botetourt that initially was to create a new town. By now it was to have been built and full up, but the economy tanked and the supervisors have allowed the developers to change the plans. It does not seem to be coming together exactly like I remember it being presented initially, having covered that in the meetings 10 years ago, but what is there looks nice.

This is the newest business, an eatery called the Town Center Tap House. It has beer and burgers. It's the new "in" place, with lots of TV with sports on it, and pictures of Rolling Stone magazine covers on the wall.

Willow Pod is an interesting gift shop. Land of a Thousand Hills is a coffee shop.

These are apartment buildings. I rather wish they'd gone with a lighter brick as these seem somewhat dark and foreboding to me.

The building houses a doctor's office and an imaging center. That's Tinker Mountain in the background.

A little interesting public art.

This is the pavilion. They have concerts there in there in the summer. I have heard the noise from the bands all the way to my house, which as the crow flies is probably two miles away.

It has been interesting to watch this develop. It was an apple orchard, nice and hilly. They leveled it all flat and tore out the trees, of course. I was sad to see the orchard go, and I am still not sure that what has replaced it was worth the loss. I am not a fan of pavement. But things change, and time marches on.


  1. So sad to lose the orchard, though it does look like a nice little development.

  2. It is a nice place and not too far.


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