Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Books: Whiskey Beach

Whiskey Beach
By Nora Roberts
Copyright 2013
Audiobook Performed by Peter Berkrot
15 hours, 33 minutes

Nora Roberts has penned an interesting mix of mystery and love story in Whiskey Beach. Eli Landon has spent the last year of life trying to escape a murder charge. He found his estranged wife dead in their home, and everyone was sure he committed the crime.

However, the prosecutors failed to convict. So Eli fled to his wealthy family's mansion, Bluff House, in Whiskey Beach, located somewhere off the coast outside of Boston.

There he meets up with Abra Walsh, a dynamic housekeeper/yoga instructor/massage therapist who changes his life. Then there is a break-in at Bluff House, and another murder. Who is doing these dastardly deeds, and what does a family legend of a long-lost dowry of jewels have to do with it?

Roberts does a great job with her work. The more I read her the better I like her stories.


  1. She is consistently good and one of my favorites.

  2. i've only read a trilogy of hers...something like black dahlia, there were obvious three books, all named after a flower. i really enjoyed them.

  3. Read this one last year and quite enjoyed it!


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