Monday, May 19, 2014

Books: Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking
By Earl Nightingale
Copyright 1994
Read by Earl Nightingale

I think this was initially put out in the 1950s on vinyl, and it came with a worksheet of some sort. This is on two CDs, and very short, but it has some powerful and interesting ideas.

The tracks on it include one about "testing your "C.Q" or creativity quotient. Nightgale asks a series of questions and the more yeses you have the more creative you are. I had 10 of 16, just one point off of being in the top 10 percent of the worlds most creative people or something like that.

Other chapters include Characteristics for Creativity, Your Most Valuable Creative Tools, One of History's Greatest Men (a story of Socrates, and an invaluable lesson in listening), New Ways to Think, Creative Problem Solving, The Brainstorm, and The Creative Person, among others.

Nightingale recommends listening to this several times, and I would like to hear it again with a pen and paper in hand instead of riding in the car. I think there are some valuable lessons in here.


  1. Anita, I can could on one hand the times I have listened to any book on CD or cassette but recently have started listening to podcasts while at the Y and there are so many interesting podcasts available for free. Perhaps this work is now available as well.

  2. My father wrote a creativity test for his doctorate back when I was a kid. My mom did the illustrations and I saw it referenced once in a book I was reading.!

  3. Sounds interesting, Anita!


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