Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Appreciating Teachers

I understand it is National Teacher Appreciate Week. I have always appreciated my teachers. Most were mentors, and I was an unabashed teacher's pet in some of my classes. You know the kind: straight As, quiet, seldom caused trouble. That was me. I had a few teachers who went above and beyond in looking out for me as a person.

Last week I just happened to see two of those special high school teachers.

I had lunch with THE WORLD'S GREATEST MATH TEACHER on Friday.

Tina taught me math for three years. I had her for Algebra I, II, and Trig. I can't remember anything except how to add and subtract, but that's not her fault. At the time I knew how to do it. She was a tough teacher but I loved that about her class. We have stayed in touch for all of these years, and it is wonderful to have such a vibrant and strong woman in my corner.

On Saturday, I bumped into THE WORLD'S GREATEST ENGLISH TEACHER at the Farmer's Market.

Dee taught me sophomore English. I thought she was wonderful even if she did laugh long and hard with me and the rest of class when I once misread the Leaning Tower of Piza as the Leaning Tower of Pizza (it was close to lunch). In my junior and senior years, I would often drop in on her before school or at lunch time simply to say hello and have a chat about whatever was going on. Dee has always been encouraging about my writing, even when I was young and it was crap. I have always appreciated her support.

Here they are from my junior yearbook (that would be 1980).

They really haven't changed much, have they?
Thank you, great teachers, for being wonderful mentors, strong supporters, and beautiful friends.


  1. I thought it was the Leaning Tower of Pizza when I was a kid too. This post reminds me of being reunited with my best English teacher when I went back to Massachusetts for a book signing/reunion and she came!

  2. great teachers are hard to come by! how nice you still keep in touch with yours!

  3. Excellent teachers are a rare commodity and never appreciated as much as they should be. I was lucky to have a lot fo great teachers in my life.


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