Saturday, April 05, 2014

One of These Days

Saturday 9: Can't Buy Me Love (1964)

50 years ago this week, The Beatles made history with this song (hear it here). They became the first and only act in history to hold all 5 of the top slots in the Billboard Hot 100.

1) In this song, Beatle Paul offers to buy his girl a diamond ring. Do you wear rings?

A. I wear an anniversary band that my husband bought me for our 20th wedding anniversary in lieu of my wedding band, which got tighter as I grew fatter. One of these days I'll get that old ring back on. I also sometimes wear my college ring. Both are in white gold.

2) This song was written by boyhood friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who went on to become the most successful songwriters of the 20th century. Tell us about  your best friend from "the old neighborhood." Do you know where he or she is today?

A. Hmm. Well, one of my closest friends in high school was Beth. We played together in a rock and roll band, back in the day. But after we graduated we lost touch. She used to be on the local police force but I think she may have retired. I'm not sure. I should check that out. 

3) The Ed Sullivan Theater, where the Beatles first performed to a mass American audience, is now the home of The Late Show with David Letterman. Do you have a favorite late night talk show?

A. I go to bed at 10 p.m. I seldom stay up that late. But when I do I watch David Letterman. I have been enjoying clips from that new guy who took over from Jay Leno, though, when my friends post them on Facebook.

4) In 1964, when this song became #1, one of top TV shows was My Favorite Martian. Do you believe in life on other planets?

A. Sure, why not. It might not be life as we know it, but it's a big universe.

5) In those days, homes had rotary dial phones, often affixed to the wall, with the receiver always tethered by a curly cord. Does your home still have a landline phone?

A. Yes. My husband's job requires us to have one.  Plus, our cellphones only half work in the house. Usually I have to go stand in the garage to get reception.

6) 1964 was the year GI Joe first appeared on toy shelves. Tell us about one of your favorite childhood toys. 

A. I was a big fan of Johnny West. They were heavy plastic dolls that had an entire family - Johnny West, Jane West, Jamie West, and there was a daughter too whose name escapes me. They had horses, a buckboard, and a teepee. There was also General Custer, Chief Cherokee, Geronimo, and many others. I think I had most of them at one point; I lost the majority of them in a flood. You can see a list of the dolls at this link.

7) Ringo was the first Beatle to become a grandfather. His granddaughter, Tatia, is now a rock musician. If you were to follow your grandfather into his chosen profession, what would you be doing now?

A. One grandfather worked at Kroger in the warehouse, but also was a TV repairman. Maybe I would be a computer repair girl. The other grandfather was an insurance adjuster. I am not sure what that would translate into.

8) Paul McCartney admits he enjoys watching MasterChef. What show do you go out of your way to catch?

A. Not much. There is little in the way of TV that interests me anymore. I will watch Game of Thrones when it comes on, and I have enjoyed watching Cosmos of late.

9) The paparazzi has often caught Paul pedaling a bike around Martha's Vineyard. What's your favorite form of exercise?

A. I like walking.


  1. i had that jane west doll and her horse and buggy when i was a kid. i couldn't remember her name until recently i googled it and found her. i don't have mine either anymore. i might have even had her baby, not sure.

  2. Your answer to #7 got me thinking -- I wonder if my grandfather's job even exists anymore with automation.

  3. I think an insurance adjuster is still the same. But I don't think you would like it as well as what you are doing now.

  4. I am usually in bed between 10-11 as well, so no late night stuff for me either.

  5. I have started taping Jimmy Fallon and watching it when he has someone that I find interesting on. He really is a hoot! I'm going to check out those West dolls!

  6. Like you, I enjoy walking, though I have been thinking of getting the bike out of storage now that the snow has melted. I have also been watching "Cosmos" on Sunday nights.

  7. It makes sense that there could be other life out there. I agree.

  8. A cell phone doesn't work in my house either, I have to stand in one corner of the house to get any signal.

  9. I've never heard of Johnny and Jane West and accessories but I'd have loved them! We wuz toy-robbed!


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