Saturday, April 12, 2014

One of Life's Little Adventures

I took some photos yesterday, and had a little adventure. As my husband put it, I can't even go down to get the mail without having *something* happen.

I waited until the sun was shining, and went down with my camera. I wanted a shot of the hayfield that is currently overrun with mustard.

That's a weed that is not great for hay but it is quite lovely to look at. And then I thought, well, I'll cross the street and get a picture of those Canadian geese on the pond.

The next thing I knew some guy on a bike went whizzing by. "Get your damn dog out of the road!" he shouted at me. I don't have a dog, much less a damn one, so I looked up to see this big bulldog-looking thing with its tongue hanging out heading towards me.

You must know I am not only allergic to dogs, I am somewhat terrified of strange ones I do not know. And I did not know this animal. I went into panic mode.

The dog was in the middle of the road and suddenly traffic was everywhere, backed up coming from both directions, and I was standing there helplessly scared of this dog in the street and the bicyclist was long gone by then. Part of me was thinking, I should call the dog and get it out of harm's way and the other part was yelling, that thing is going to take my leg off. A fleeting thought went something like, the dog should've chased the guy on the bike and bit his leg off, it would have served him right.

Fortunately one of the vehicles in the traffic was my neighbor, who is also the county sheriff. I waved him over and told him this dog had taken a stroll in my general direction. I thought it belonged down the street a ways, and so we walked it back and it went toward the rear of the house and we decided it must live there. There were no tags on its collar.

Then we walked back to my car, and by this time I was walking incredibly slowly given the issues I'm having with my tummy and the fact that I'd had some medical testing done earlier in the day, and wasn't prepared for all of this excitement when all I wanted was a scenic shot of mustard in the hayfield.

And darned if I didn't forget to take a picture of the dog.


  1. I get so tired of people that let their dogs run. It's annoying and dangerous not only for the dog but for drivers and people walking. I think the dog should have bitten the nasty person on the bike, and both he and the dog owner would have learned a valuable lesson.. Poor dog.

  2. aw poor glad it wasn't hit...and people are risking life and limb biking on that road!

  3. How kind of you to risk life and limb (and tummy) to save a dog you don't know. You may be sore, but you have built up some good karma points. ;))

  4. One of my neighbor's let their dogs out unattended without a leash, and it irritates me to no end. When I first moved into the building, they were good about leashing their dogs, but have not done so for months now. One of the two dogs has a habit of wandering out of our yard and up near the street. I keep waiting for him to get hit. Both dogs also rush at people while barking. While *I* know they aren't dangerous, other people - especially kids - aren't going to know that. And speaking of kids, whether the dogs are dangerous or not, some kids do not know that they shouldn't approach strange dogs. And, when the dogs do decide they want back in, they sit outside the back door of the building barking nonstop - anywhere from five minutes to half an hour - which is rude, annoying and irresponsible.


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