Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Want Bones McCoy (for my doctor)

From Sunday Stealing

TV Meme, part one

1. TV Theme songs. Which is your favorite, and which makes you crazy enough to hit mute on the remote?

A. I'm afraid I don't have a favorite, nor do any make me crazy enough to hit the mute button. I don't watch a lot of TV.

2. The Classics. What is your favorite Classic TV show?

A. At my age I think anything before 1995 would be a classic, wouldn't it? That will be my definition of "classic" anyway, since it is undefined. I don't have a favorite but I prefer many of those shows. I liked Cagney & Lacey, Charlie's Angels, The Cosby Show, Golden Girls, Cheers, The Facts of Life, Little House on the Prairie, and Star Trek (anything). 

3. What character from a Classic TV show would you like to be?

A. I would like to have been a female version of Dr. Spock.
4. Can you remember a line you liked from a Classic TV show?

A. Hmm. How about "Skipper!" - shouted Gilligan on every episode. Or maybe, "Mother!" from Samantha on Bewitched.
5. Heroes. What show featuring those who protect your country (fiction or non-fiction) is your favorite?

A. I liked JAG when it was on. Otherwise I don't generally watch those shows. I am not into violence.
6. TV Cops. Who is your favorite (past or present) TV cop? Which TV cop do you think was the most crooked, or the most inept?

A. I liked Christine Cagney on Cagney & Lacey the best, with her partner Mary Beth Lacey a close runner-up. Christine was smart, human, and tough. I also liked DeeDee McCall on Hunter in the early seasons of the show. I don't have an answer for the second part of the question.
7. You need to hire a bodyguard for yourself. Which TV cop do you choose?

A. Christine Cagney.
8. TV Doctors. Which TV doctor would you choose to remove your appendix? Which TV doctor would you not let touch you with a 10- foot pole?

A. I would love to have Bones McCoy from Star Trek run his tricorder over me and fix everything that is wrong. Wouldn't that be great? I also wouldn't mind having Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show for a doctor. I have no answer to the second part of the question.
9. TV Moms. Which TV mom would you have liked to have had for your own? Is there a TV mom you would never want as your own?

A. I thought Claire Huxtable on The Cosby Show was a good mom. I would not want whoever it was Rosanne Barr played as a mom.
10. TV Dads. Which TV Dad would you have most liked to have for your own dad? On the flipside, who was the TV Dad you’d have least liked to have had?

A. Michael Landon on Little House on the Prairie was a good dad; so was Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. The dad I would least like to have is that awful father on that Orange County Choppers reality TV show. All he does is yell (my husband watched it sometimes while I read a book).
11. Comedies. How do you feel about sitcoms? Good, wholesome fun or saccharine inanity?

A. I like comedies. They are a good break from tough days. Right now my favorite is The Big Bang Theory but then again there aren't a lot of new ones to choose from.
12. If your life was a sitcom, what would the title be?

A. Chronic Crisis, LTD.
13. If you went to a comedy club on amateur night, and they gave you some jokes and a microphone, would you go onstage?

A. In reality, probably not, but to be honest I wouldn't mind giving it a try if I had time to give it thought and preparation.
14. Reality. Are you a fan of Reality TV? What’s your “can’t miss” reality TV show (or shows), or what reality TV show do you suppose the devil plays on the TV in Hell as punishment?

A. I started watched Survivor from the beginning as an escape right after my mother died, and for some reason I have continued to watch it. Other than that, I don't watch much reality TV. I suppose shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars are also reality TV, and I do catch those from time to time, but I don't go out of my way to see them (nor do I have to, they are on like 24/7, aren't they?). Some of these shows about backwards southerners are terrible and quite unappealing and insulting to me; we aren't all loose-toothed idiots.
15. If you were given a free ticket to be on any reality show, which one would you choose?

A. None of them, really. I wouldn't mind going to watch Survivor being filmed, though. However, I don't want to play the game.


  1. I've never heard of Orange County Choppers, but it doesn't sound like I've missed anything. I didn't think of Cliff Huxtable as my doctor because he was an obstetrician and well, those days are long behind me! But he and Michael Landon are classic dads. It's interesting to me that you don't like violence but you do like police shows.

  2. I should have thought of Michael Landon...and McCoy was a brilliant answer!

  3. Yeah, I don't think I could do any of those games on Survivor, especially if you're not able to eat and stuff, plus there's all the psychological stuff you have to deal with. I used to catch OCC every now and then because my sister and her husband used to watch it all the time, and I'd often feel bad for the son, like he couldn't do anything right.

  4. Chronic Crisis, LTD, that's a clever title!

  5. Bewitched and Charlie's Angels were favorites of mine too! I thought of McCoy but then I was thinking about a good looking doc. Wouldn't it be nice to be diagnosed with just the sweep of the scanner thing.

  6. We agreed completely on moms! I totally forgot about Cliff Huxtable being a doctor....but I think I'll still stick with Hawkeye. I had such a crush on him as a kid. Ooooo...I forgot about Pawn Stars, too. We watch them all the time. I want to go to their store if I ever get to Vegas but I've heard the line to get in is blocks long. :(

  7. I love The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, and I Love Lucy.

    Omg, Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo are a disgrace. All the reality shows are bad, if you ask me, but those ones about the people in the south are really bad.

  8. I was wondering what is considered 'classic' these days too.


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