Sunday, March 09, 2014

I Read Many Books

The Meme With No Name
From Sunday Stealing

1. Have you ever pretended to read a book to impress someone?

A. No. I read many books. I have no need to do that.

2. Have you ever pretended not to read a book in order to avoid embarrassment?
A. No.

3. What’s your worst reading habit?
A. I chew my fingernails when I read.

4. What book are you most proud of having read?
A. All of them.

5. Do you buy most of your books new, second-hand, electronically or borrow via the library?
A. I do all of the above.

6. Have you ever pretended to watch a film to impress someone?
A. No. I have no need to impress anyone.

7. Have you ever pretended not to have watched a film in order to avoid embarrassment?
A. No.

8. What movie have you watched the most?
A. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. All 9+ hours of it. In case you don't know, it's really three movies, each over 3 hours long. The movies are The Fellowship of the RingThe Two Towers, and The Return of the King.
I have to admit that Dirty Dancing is probably a close second.

9. What film do you tell people is your favorite ever?
A. The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

10. What film is actually your favorite ever?
A. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. (I'm starting to think the person who made up these questions has a penchant for lying. Do people normally make up things about such trivia? Aren't there more important things to lie about?)

11. What time do you usually wake up and get up in the mornings?
A. My alarm goes off at 6 a.m. every morning. I am usually out of bed by 6:15 a.m.

12. Do you wake naturally or does something/someone wake you up?
A. I wake up to a clock radio alarm.

13. How many snooze alarms do you need?
A. Generally none.

14. What’s your routine on a workday/work at home morning?
A. I get up, I turn on the computer, I fix myself a cup of hot tea, I read email, blogs, news, maybe write something, dress, have breakfast, sit down to work. That's the ideal world.

15. What’s your routine on a non-workday morning?
A. It's pretty much the same thing, except that I don't sit down to work, I do laundry or dishes or something like that.


  1. Dirty Dancing slipped through my radar when I was young. It's time to correct that error. I would think it would a gorgeous film. I love the Lord of the Rings.

  2. i'm laughing at your comment that the person who made this up has a penchant for lying...i'm thinking so too...those were silly questions!

  3. Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Love that movie! I haven't watched any of the LOTR movies. I think I read the books, but can't remember.. Scary how many of the same answers we had!

  4. Yea for your close second! Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie (not that my blog title would be a clue). I do like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but don't have the endurance to watch them over and my son took them with him when he moved out.

  5. I grind my teeth like you chew your nails

  6. I impressed myself when I read "Of Human Bondage" because I was trying to be a better reader and writer and I was young, probably not even twenty.

    I couldn't pick one favorite book or movie. Some of my favorite movies include The Deer Hunter, Goodfellas, Sophie's Choice, The Wizard of Oz, Miracle on 34th Street, It's A Wonderful LIfe, The Homecoming. I have never seen the Lord of the Rings. I probably wouldn't like it--it's fantasy, right?

  7. Out of Africa is a favorite movie for me. I read most everything and am glad I have the habit as an adult.

  8. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy is a firm favourite in our house. I've still not watched a full movie yet!


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