Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Heritage Family Market

Heritage Family Market is a new store that opened in Fincastle in mid-December. It is located on US 220 in a former doctor's office, across from the landscaping store.

The store sells deli meats and cheeses, baked goods, jellies, candy, and baking supplies.

The store should become a destination shopping point, especially for folks who visit The Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft. This store carries similar items.

They have a whole aisle just for candy. Candy sells big in Botetourt. Apparently we all have a sweet tooth.

The bulked items, like brown sugar, flours, etc., are very reasonably priced. I purchased a huge bag of light brown sugar for $1.89.

The spices are also very reasonably priced and, I think, better quality than what you buy in the supermarket. If you do a lot of cooking or use one or two items more than others, purchasing here might save you some money.

I am very happy to see a new business in Fincastle. I love our little county seat but it doesn't have much of a retail trade. There is a drug store across from the courthouse, and that's about it.

If you live in the Roanoke area, I hope you will check out Heritage Family Market.

*No one paid me to write this. I just like to promote local businesses once in a while.*


  1. i didn't know about this! so happy you wrote about it. we've been going to make a trip to the cheese shop in stuarts draft but just haven't done it yet...i will absolutely be visiting this! is the past leonardo's or before? i can't picture it.

  2. is the landscaping store the one across from dollar general?

  3. NIce!!!! I need to visit this place. I go to the cheese shop all the time, Wonder why I have not seen anything in the Botetourt View or The Herald?

  4. Anita, this is definitely the type of place we would frequent and maybe will stop in on a future Blue Ridge trip. That candy aisle looks so tempting!

  5. Looks like a great little market ~ love the candy isle :)))

  6. We love that store. It's great to have something like that in Fincastle. I think they want to expand to making sandwiches and that would make it even better.

  7. We have a local business much like this. I always purchase my spices from them.

  8. This is an amazing store--great photos too.

  9. This store is awesome and I'm so glad they are in the area. We shop there often!


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