Wednesday, January 08, 2014

What's Up With IE?

I don't know what is going on with blogger, but now I can't even edit or write a post in Internet Explorer 11. Blogger is the only site I am having issues with, so there is some disconnect. And the problem with my blog extends to every version of IE I have viewed the blog on with my computers at home. It works fine on other browsers.

So what happens? I try to post and I get this error message:

ERROR: Possible problem with your *gwt.xml nodule file. The compile time user.agent value (ie9) does not match the runtime user.agreement value (ie10). Expect more errors.

For a while, I was able to hit "OK" and then go on and post, but now I can't even enter the editor section of blogger. I am using Firefox to create this post.

There is a list of other people with this problem on a google group:!topic/public-data-labs/l3BTq_wyDtw
and in other forums.

I have attempted whatever fixes have been suggested but nothing has worked. I feel like I've been trapped in the perpetual war between Google and Microsoft.

If you happen to be a computer genius and have any ideas as to how I might fix this, please share. I am an old school girl and have always used Internet Explorer, though obviously I have and do use other browsers. I just prefer IE. It's all in what you're used to, I suppose.


  1. At the beginning of this year I finally decided to make a few changes to the look of my blog and make it a little more 'share friendly' by adding Facebook, email and Pinterest buttons but I'm having trouble adding the HTML gadget to my sidebar with Blogger. I can add any other gadget except that one. I'm using Google Chrome, as I've always used, and never had this problem before. I've 'sent feedback' to Blogger twice but have heard nothing nor is it fixed. I've begun researching other free blog & web hosting sites but haven't made any decisions yet. I know Blogger is free but it's still frustrating when it doesn't work properly. I hope you get your issue resolved soon.

  2. i don't know...i stopped using ie a few years ago because i was always having internet issues...switched to chrome and it solved it...good luck!

  3. I guess it is what you are used to. We stopped using IE in about 1999. Worst browser there is. I guess none of us like to give up things we have always used, sort of like giving up that favorite blanket from childhood I suppose... but you REALLY need to change and find something more dependable. Just sayin'.... xox

  4. Yeah I can't upload pictures to the blog using IE. And on the whole IE has not acted up to par lately.

  5. seems very slow working on google/blogger lately. ) :
    Happy New Year to you! hope you are well & stay warm.
    we are expecting ice this evening. i am hoping for snow personally. ( :

  6. Google was down for us Wed. morning. When it came back, I could no longer upload photos or videos to my blog on our usual Firefox browser. My blog will only function normally if I use Internet Explorer- the opposite of your issues. How odd is that?!

  7. At least you have IE11. With my current op system, I can't even upgrade to IE9, which makes it difficult to read some sites. Guess I need to talk to a friend's husband and see what it would take for him to upgrade my system without the expense of purchasing a new computer (this one still works as well as when I got it...knock on wood). I can't type/edit in Blogger in compose mode at all anymore, only in html mode, which can be a real pain when trying to change fonts or add links. :-\


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