Friday, December 13, 2013

Recent Bird Photos

I spied the bird above out the back window, snapped this shot, then hurried outside to attempt a better one. But the bird - a huge creature - flew off before I could grab another shot. I think it is an owl of some kind, though it was daytime. 

This is a hawk.

These are vultures. They love the tree in front of the house.

The day I shot these, they filled two trees.


  1. I've noticed several of these vulture congregations lately. Sometimes one will be posed with his wings spread, sitting still as a stone. It looks kind of creepy. I love to see the hawks, though. Yours looks quite healthy!

  2. I thought it was a hawk at first but I can't tell, the color of the breast just reminded me of the one I see around here. I don't usually see owls during the day without a flock of crows chasing them from tree to tree. Not many buzzards over here, I know where they are now.

  3. i saw an awesome hawk yesterday when i was heading out but i didn't have my camera :( i love the look of vultures in a tree for some reason! they are so big!

  4. Trees around here are starting to be filled with what I call unwelcome visitors, starlings and grackles, but the vultures beat all of them.

  5. Great shots. Seeing that many vultures at once would give me the creeps. Coming home from wok last night I saw a HUGE flock of fowl in one of the fields, most likely turkeys. The snow and fog were so heavy at the time I couldn't really tell.


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