Saturday, December 07, 2013

I Am Perfect As I Am

Saturday 9: Stand by Me

1) "Stand by Me" is one of the songs John Lennon did at his last public performance back in 1975. First recorded by Ben E. King, "Stand by Me" was also covered by Mickey Gilley and Otis Redding, among others. Can you think of another song that has been recorded and then re-recorded by someone else?

A. The first song that came to my mind was Fire, a song written and originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen. Someone named Robbie Gordon also made a record of it, but it was The Pointer Sisters who in 1979 took it to the top of the charts. You can hear their version of the song on youtube if you clink this link.

2) The lyrics say, "Whenever you're in trouble, you can stand by me." Tell us about someone you know you can count on.

A. Well, not to get mushy about it, but I can count on my husband of 30 years when the chips are down. I may have to point things out to him but once he realizes what I need he steps in and helps me out. But mostly I count on myself, because he's a busy guy and I try not to be too needy.

3) While "Stand by Me" was solo Lennon, John is best known as one of the Beatles. Which group do you listen to more often -- The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

A. My husband is a big Rolling Stones fan, so I tend to hear their songs more often. I like the Beatles but don't consider myself a fan of either band, really.

4) Lennon liked to tell how, when he and Paul McCartney were teens, Paul's father used to discourage friendship between the boys. Paul ignored his dad's advice and the result is the most successful songwriting partnership of the 20th century. Tell us about a piece of advice you're glad you ignored.

A. I was advised not to marry my husband. I am extremely glad I ignored that ignorant advice. I have never forgiven the person who told me that.

5) John loved cats. When he was a teenager, he first met his favorite, a stray he named Tich, in the snow and gave the cat a safe, lifelong home. John was very proud that Tich lived to be 20 years old. Tell us about a pet who has a place in your heart.

A. When I was 21 years old and still a newlywed, I went to the flea market and came back with a squirming little black puppy. We named her Ginger. She was a mutt, being part Eskimo spitz, terrier, and unknown. She weighed 25 pounds, tops, and was a small dog. Because of my allergies we kept her outside unless the weather was severe, but she had a nice dog house. We kept cedar bedding in it and my husband changed it out frequently. It had a flat roof and she would jump up on it and rest there because it gave her a good view of the whole backyard. When I began working from home, I would frequently go outside during the day or raise the window to talk to her. She died in 2001 at the old age of 17, which was probably ancient, really, in doggy years.  It took me a long time to stop watching for her when I drove up the driveway, because she had always waited on me. We did not get another dog.

6) John unsuccessfully tried hypnosis in his quest to stop smoking. Have you ever been hypnotized?

A. Yes.

7) John has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. What Hall of Fame would like to see yourself in?
A. The Writer's Hall of Fame, except I don't think there is one. Also, I haven't written anything of note.

8) John had a passion for slot cars and raced them on an elaborate track in his game room. What games or toys do you still enjoy?

A. I like toy trains but I don't have one. I also like video games, Monopoly, and Scrabble.

9) John wrote about his jealous streak. What personality trait of yours do you wish you could change?
A. None. I am perfect as I am. (Ha!)
Saturday 9 is one of those meme things that a number of people play. If you want you can check out this link and see how other people answer these questions.


  1. I have scads of things I would like to change about me. But at my age, the chances of that happening are not something I would count on.

  2. Aww. I still look for my dog's nose, which he used to stick under the gate, when he heard us coming home. I'd call his name and he'd whimper and the nose would disappear as he ran back and forth, and then reappear again, as if saying, hurry up and get in! haha. But yeah I still look for his nose when I walk past the gate, even though he's been gone for years now.

  3. Not everyone realizes that Fire is really Bruce's song, so you get a Gal Gold Star!

    I think it's wonderful that you gave that dog such a long, happy life. I hope some day you open your heart again. (When someone has your gift for caring for critters, I like to see it indulged!)

  4. I remember my mom questioning my hubby of 28 years. Too funny- now my daughter is going through all of that.

  5. I think it's sweet you can count on your husband!

  6. Love the story about your dog Ginger. My oldest pet was Squeaky (nameed because she squeaked when she meowed), a part Russian Blue Persian who lived to age 20. Sadly, I had to put her down a couple months after her 20th due to a brain tumor. For months after I would see a ghost cat sauntering in and out of the living room. The night we put her down, my mom dreamed Squeaky was trying to climb into bed with her. I told Mom it was Squeak's way of saying goodbye to her.


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