Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Books: The Tao Of Writing

The Tao of Writing
By Ralph Wahlstrom
Copyright 2006
210 pages

I recently became interested in the Tao Te Ching, and just happened to have this book here on my shelf. (As an aside, I don't know how long it had sat unread on my shelf, but it is not made with the best paper and it had become musty, so I ordered it again and downloaded it to my Nook. The lack of dust is the most valid reason for e-readers ever.)

In any event, this is a book about creativity and flow. I was most intrigued by a section on something called "I Search" which is a form of writing wherein the author explores something - rather like I do on this blog, actually. You find something of interest and delve into it however deep you want.

Additionally, the author talks about feng shui and how clutter and a room that is not open can inhibit the writing process. This has caused me to take another look at the structure of my office. I am not sure how I might remake things - for one thing I can't move my desk simply because I am too puny - but perhaps there are changes I can make that would help. There is a lot of *stuff* in my office that perhaps doesn't need to be here.

At the end the author offers up 60 writing exercises that look very intriguing and interesting.

Definitely a good addition to any writer's library.

Just a note unrelated to the book - I learned with my Nook order that if you don't get the right version of the book, you can't enlarge the text. I apparently ordered the actual book publisher's version and could not make Nook notes in it, or highlight passages. Until this I hadn't realized that it made a difference what version of a book you ordered, and frankly this particular version is less useful in an e-reader. The book took me much longer to read than it should have simply because the text was so small in the e-reader and this book version that I ordered would not let me enlarge it. There was another version available and apparently that was the one I should have ordered. Barnes & Noble apparently will not let you return Nook purchases so I was stuck with it and certainly wasn't going to pay for the book a third time. I don't know if Amazon lets you return Kindle purchases but if so that is certainly a reason to look at the Kindle.

Since I have a hard copy, I plan to make photocopies of the exercises in the back for my own use and then donate the book to the library, since it has become too musty for my sensitive lungs. Of if anyone reading wants it, let me know. I know book dust doesn't bother everyone.

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  1. I wouldn't mind reading it Anita. Let me know what the shipping is.

    Environment is very important to me when I am being creative. I definitely explore when I blog. I usually have no idea where the story is going and how I am really feeling until I am writing it.


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