Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Open Studios: Dreama Kattenbraker

The Open Studios Botetourt Tour for 2013 had 11 stops on it, but unfortunately I only made it to a third of those. But I am very pleased to show you Dreama Kattenbraker's artistic creations.

Dreama moved to Fincastle about nine years ago and I have been so happy to make her acquaintance. I enjoy her whimsical artwork - but don't be fooled. There are vital and intriguing messages inside these beautiful pieces.

Her work even adorns her outbuildings!

Her studio, which is inside her home, was rather like a Dreama Kattenbraker fairy land, filled with her lovely pieces.

She makes wonderful images of women doing interesting and fantastical things.

I will leave you to your own interpretation of her art.

Isn't the above pretty? I love how she mixes words with her creations.

I adore the fantastical nature of these pieces.

Isn't this lovely? Kitty lovers should be thrilled with this one!

And here is the artist herself, my dear friend.


  1. Wonderful post, I love her art style !
    What a heart warming smile she has too .

  2. I like this and the wonderful color in her art.

  3. Very Whimsical art. Lovely things. Santa Cruz also has an open studios with three weekends in October. My daughter and I and DH got to see some fantastic stuff on the one weekend we could go. Love your tours!


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