Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Books: Chesapeake Blue

Chesapeake Blue
By Nora Roberts
Copyright 2002
Read by James Daniels
9 hours

This is book 4 in Nora Roberts Chesapeake series. I didn't know it was a part of a series when I picked up the audiobook, but no matter. The book stands alone as it is.

Seth Quinn is a famous artist who returns to his home in St. Christopher, located somewhere along the Chesapeake Bay. Seth has a troubled past, thanks to an abusive mother who essentially sold him to his grandfather so he could take the boy away from terrible circumstances.

At home, Seth discovers that Dru Whitcomb Banks, granddaughter of a famous senator and all that goes along with that, has escaped from Washington DC and opened up a flower shop in his hometown. She has troubles of her own, though nothing as bad as Seth's.

Dru doesn't love or trust easily, and Seth's past has left him a target for blackmail, something he keeps a secret. Can these two find love amidst all of this stuff?

That's the premise of the book, and one that Roberts readers will enjoy.


  1. This sounds like a good cold weather read! I haven't read a Nora Roberts book in a while, but I like the sound of this one.

  2. You know, I've had this one in Mount TBR for some time now and, though I loved the original trilogy, for some reason I've never got round to reading this one.


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