Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Late Garden Bounty

To my amazement, my garden is still bearing veggies. I picked these over the weekend - tomatoes, a cucumber, and a zucchini. I have never picked a zucchini in October before. Or a cucumber either, for that matter.

Our little patch has done splendidly this year; I wish I had felt like doing more with it for it seems it would have been most productive. I bought seeds early on thinking I would plant again late in the season, but because I have not felt well I did not do what I had intended. Maybe next year - but who knows what will happen with the weather, then?


  1. Looks like a dinner for two. Two crazy, healthy vegetarians!

  2. I was surprised to pick a good handful of green beans from the garden at work yesterday, as well as a small zucchini. We are also seeing a lot of tomatoes lately, when there were none all summer, and there are a few peppers and a ton of eggplant ready to harvest this week, too.


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