Saturday, October 26, 2013

Composition Books and Chocolate

I thought I'd join up with yet another meme - the Saturday 9. It's run by someone who calls herself Crazy Sam, in case you notice that reference in the questions.

Saturday 9: If It Makes You Happy

Sheryl Crow is a breast cancer survivor and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please spread the word about early detection.

Here's a link to her youtube video: If You Makes You Happy, one of my favorite Sheryl Crow songs, though I am not necessarily crazy about the video.

1) What's something that always makes you happy?

A. Phone calls or visits from friends, small presents from my husband (which seldom happens, he's not a gift-giver except for important occasions, which he always remembers so he gets points for that), a song I love on the radio. Also blank composition books and chocolate.

2) In the lyrics, Sheryl refers to a poncho. How do you usually protect yourself from the rain? Poncho? Umbrella? Raincoat? Hat?

A. I usually have an umbrella and wear a light all-weather jacket.

3) Early in her career, Sheryl made ends meet by singing commercial jingles, including one for McDonald's. When was the last time you visited The Golden Arches?

A. I think it has been several years since I last ate at McDonalds. I don't normally eat fast food and if I do, Micky D's is not my first choice. But I remember when I was a child I thought it was great.

4) Sheryl rode a horse into the ring of a Wyoming rodeo and then sang. Have you ever been to a rodeo?

A. When I was young my parents took us to the rodeo at the local civic center. That would have been at least 40 years ago. I don't remember much about it.

5) Sheryl lives outside of Nashville, which is known as Music City. What type of music do you listen to most often?

A. What they used to call American Top 40. I'm not sure what they call it now. Adult Pop? Adult contemporary? I also like to listen to the sounds of the 1970s. And Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge are two of my favorites.

6) Crazy Sam is a massive Sheryl Crow fan, and is sure that the only reason why she and Sheryl aren't best friends is that they haven't met. What famous person do you think could be your BFF?

A. When I was younger, I wanted to be friends with Kate Jackson of Charlie's Angels' fame. Now I think I would like to be friends with Meryl Streep or Susan Sarandon. 

7) Sheryl and cyclist Lance Armstrong were once engaged. Had they tied the knot, she would have become stepmother to his three children. Are you a step-parent, stepsibling or stepchild?

A. I am, officially, a stepchild. My father remarried a few years ago (my mother died in 2000).

8) Sheryl has performed carols at the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Washington DC. Have you ever visited our nation's capital?

A. I think my parents took me there in 1972. I remember the zoo, but that's about it. I would love to return as an adult. A nine-year-old could not possibly appreciate the history of the things to see in D.C.

9) Do you consider yourself easy going or do you have a fiery temperament?

A. I think I'm easy going but I suspect my spouse would say otherwise. I tend to hold things in and then, BOOM, my anger overfloweth like gutters in a monsoon.

And because I just started this, and last week the Saturday 9 was about Melissa Etheridge, who is also one of my favorite singers, I will do last week's meme, too.

Saturday 9: Come to My Window

Melissa Etheridge is a breast cancer survivor and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please spread the word about early detection.

Here is a youtube video to Melissa Etheridge's song Come to My Window, which just happens to be one of my favorite songs ever (and the video is terrific, too).

1) This song is about a woman passionate about love and willing to pursue it, no matter what "they say." Are you fearless when it comes to public opinion? Or do you worry about what "they" think of you?

A. I can be fearless - as a journalist, reporter, newspaper columnist and blogger I have done my share of putting it out there and not worrying too much about public opinion. But there are times when what "they say" is an overwhelming worry.
2) Melissa's father was a high school teacher. Tell us about a teacher who had an impact on you.

A. Almost all of my teachers impacted me, mostly for the good. I was a straight A student and generally the teacher's pet in almost all of my classes, even in college. I would have to say that Jeanne Larsen, my English professor at Hollins, had the most impact upon me, though. She believed in me not just as a writer but as a woman and a person.

3) Melissa won a Grammy for this song. If you won a major award, where would you display it?

A. I have my diplomas on the wall in my office. But I have my Virginia Press Association Awards in a drawer.

4) Which TV game show do you think you'd do better on -- The Price Is Right or Wheel of Fortune?

A. Neither. I'd do better on Jeopardy.

5) Are you neat and organized?

A. I wish.

6) When was the last time you went more than a day without washing your hair?

A. When I had my gallbladder out in late June.

7) When you eat Chinese food, do you use chopsticks or a fork?

A. A fork.

8) Are you a good cook?

A. I am a good baker, and I make killer fudge. I am not a good overall cook, but we don't starve.

9) We're having a party in your honor! Would you prefer a costume party, a bowling party or a pool party?

A. I'd prefer a book party, but if someone wants to throw me a party I will be glad for anything. It's better than a funeral.


  1. I think a slumber party with Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep would be a blast. You could make your killer fudge recipe! It took surgery to keep me away from the shampoo bottle, too. Welcome to Saturday 9!

  2. Ditto - welcome! I am not a huge fudge fan, but put cake in front of me and I'm all in. I'll admit it, I'm a carb addict. Susan and Meryl would make interesting dinner companions - I bet it would be a lot of fun!

  3. Oh, I'm with The Gal--a party with Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep would be too fun!!

  4. I'll definitely come to your book party--especially if you serve your fudge! (Welcome to Saturday Nine!)

  5. I liked Kate too. She was the smart one.

  6. We definitely like the same kinds of music. And I agree about the DC comment - a 9yo or so just can't fully appreciate it!

  7. Not another meme, LOL! Actually, wih all the photos you take, I'm surprised you don't participate in Wordless Wednesday or Skywatch Friday. I'd answer more of the above questions, but that could take up a lot of space so will just say that I have been to DC three times and would love to go back -- you really can't see everything there is to do there in one day, you need a couple at very least (and that's not including day trips outside the city, such as Mount Vernon or other plantations), and like you I would probably do better on Jeopardy! than any other game show. It's the only one I occasionally watch (it's on at 4:30pm here, so depends on whether I get home from work early).


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