Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Eagle

About 10 days ago, my husband called me and told me there was an eagle in the hayfield. By the time I arrived with a camera, the bird had flown from the field to a locust tree at the edge of the woods.

We had never seen an eagle on the farm before.

I had to use the zoom on the camera to see it.

I was this far away. The bird was in the tree in the middle of the photo, about where the light turns blue. The sun was also not in a good position for shooting photos.

I took lots of pictures, but these were the best. I wish I could have gotten closer for better photos.

We have not seen the eagle since; according to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries webpage on bald eagles, they migrate from August to January, so I suspect this one was just passing through.

The bald eagle was removed from Virginia list of endangered species as of January 1, 2013. They were taken from the federal list of endangered species in 2007.


  1. Beautiful shots! nice narrated story...

  2. awesome! how did you even spot him from so far away? when we lived in a missouri, there was an area right down the road from our house that eagles visited during the winter. there were always bunches of them in the trees! i haven't seen any since we moved, not in georgia or here :(

  3. Wow, how cool. I have never seen an eagle and I know it would be a thrill.

  4. I think those are excellent shots! You must have a very steady hand.

  5. Oh wow! We would have been so excited to see that. Great that you got some pics of it!!

  6. How lucky are you! Great camera! Maybe we'll get a couple over here.

  7. An eagle flew over me a few years ago. Only time I've ever seen one in the wild.

  8. Very cool! We have lots of hawks in the area, and I've seen a few vultures, but no eagles.


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