Sunday, September 01, 2013

From Sunday Stealing

Q. Have you ever said you would never love again?

A. No. But I have said I would never marry again.

Q. Have you heard a song today that reminds you of somebody?

A. Yes. The song was The Wayward Wind as sung by Anne Murray. The song always reminds me of my father. You can hear the song on youtube here at this link.

Q. Do you apologize first?

A. I'm sorry, what? Yes.

Q. Has someone made a promise to you and broke it?

A. Yes. Dirty rotten rat.

Q. Have you ever won a lot of money in a slot machine? How much?

A. I have never won a lot of money at anything. And I have never played slots.

Q. Do you watch sport on TV even though you aren’t a sporty person yourself?

A. Sometimes. I have been known to watch NASCAR racing, ice skating, and occasionally women's tennis.

Q. Do you eat / drink at your computer?

A. Yes. I always have a glass of water at the computer. I have, on occasion, spilled it all over the keyboard. Candy bars, potato chips, and other items also somehow sometimes find their way into my office. They apparently grow legs and walk right in here and jump into my desk drawer.

Q. How much do you overeat at special occasions? (Birthdays, Christmas, etc.).

A. A lot. I have no will power when it comes to dark chocolate covered cherries.

Q. Do you require glasses / contacts to see properly? If so, which do you use?

A. Glasses.

Q. When you hear your voice back on a recording, do you think it sounds awful?

A. Yes. I sound like a witch trapped in a hollow ol' stump.

Q. When was the last time you got the hiccups?

A. I don't recall.

Q. If you had to, which record would you go into Guinness World Records for?

A. Writing the world's longest sentence.

Q. The last sweet thing you ate: What was it?

A. A banana.

Q. Do you have a middle name?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you find it embarrassing?

A. I assuming you are referring to the middle name. No, I do not find it embarrassing.


  1. I'm always dropping stuff on my keyboard. I keep Lysol wipes not too far away.

  2. I really try not to eat around my laptop.

  3. "I sound like a witch trapped in a hollow ol' stump." This made me laugh out loud! Great analogy!

  4. I know I will never marry again if something happens with my marriage. Funny how those snacks make it over to the computer, huh? A little boy at my kids' school told me I sounded like a witch, thank you very much. That was the same day another little girl told me I was getting old. They're so honest. :-)

  5. I think it would be interesting if I sound like a witch on a recording. For a change. I've always sounded like a cat who has eaten a cursed taro yam.

  6. I once killed a computer mouse by spilling a glass of orange juice on it. Since then, I only use water bottles with lids/caps around the computer. As for crumbs...I'm afraid to wonder what might be lurking inside the keyboard.


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