Friday, September 27, 2013

Down Sugar Tree Hollow Road

Earlier in the week I helped my husband move his digging equipment for a septic tank job on Sugar Tree Hollow Road.

That's him in front of me, pulling his backhoe with the dump truck, as we headed down Blacksburg Road near Fincastle.

A view of the Blue Ridge Mountains through my car window as I drove along (at 8:00 a.m. or thereabouts). It was quite foggy.

I spied this old structure, which looks to me like an old church now used as a barn, as we drove down Sugar Tree Hollow Road.

My husband unloading his equipment. He had to drive the backhoe up a very long, crooked and vertical dirt road, and he didn't think the dump truck could pull the backhoe. My job was to follow along and ferry him back and forth for a bit, until he had everything at his job site.

The woods were beautiful and still. I couldn't help but admire the flicker of light as the fog began to lift and the sun began to dazzle the changing leaves.

This little church was on our route. I didn't catch the name of it but I thought it was a lovely structure. (According to the county's GIS map it's Forest Grove Baptist Church on Mt. Moriah Road.) I wondered if this was the congregation that had once met in the other old church that is now a barn.


  1. What beautiful scenery- i would have had trouble keeping my eyes on the road!

  2. What can one say? Oh what a beautiful morning! And such a lovely landscape to admire it in.

  3. what a beautiful drive anita. is sugar tree hollow road in fincastle? i'm going to have to travel it!

  4. What a lovely drive you had. I adore that old church building.

  5. What a fun drive. And now he owes you because you were such a good helper and you didn't even have to lift anything or chase a cow!


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