Monday, August 05, 2013

More Bunny Pictures

I took my camera on a tripod outside to take photos. I walked out the door with the big tripod and stood it up while I turned around to shut the door. This rabbit came scurrying around the corner of the house and stopped. I turned the camera on it.

This last picture shows how far away I was. About the length of a single-car garage door. My feet are just at the edge of the bottom of the photo. It took the rabbit a while to figure out that maybe I shouldn't be there.


  1. I love that he sat there and let you take pictures. When I see rabbits I have to run in another direction to distract the dog. Otherwise he might catch the wee thing!

  2. Oh I see one of our hundreds of rabbits is down visiting you!
    I'll be glad to send more! One of these days I'll have some plants and then they'll really have a feast!

  3. Rabbits are everywhere here. They even lay right in the road. Crazy! These are some great shots!

  4. I'm surprised he stuck around so long... they are usually so skittish. We have so many rabbits up and down our road. I think all them bunnies had an over abundance of sex this year!!!

  5. the third and fourth pics. The fifth one of him lying flat is kind of cute, too.


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