Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Wildflowers

Queen Anne's Lace

I thought at first this was an anemone or a wood sorrel, but it has six petals, not five like those flowers. After searching through two different guide books, I think this must be a hepatica, a type of buttercup, except it is growing out of season. This is usually a spring flower, but we've had such strange weather I suppose anything is possible. If you have a better name for this wildflower, please share. I like to get the names correct.

Bull thistle. We try to keep this off the farm, as it is hard on the cattle, as they get the thorns in their feet. It grows well by the side of the road.

Goldenrod. This, along with ragweed, is the reason I generally can't be outside from now until we have a heavy frost.


  1. So sad that the beauty of nature keeps so many people indoors certain times of the year. :(

  2. Great pictures of wildflowers. I'm grateful I don't suffer from allergies.

  3. Goldenrod and ragweed are kicking my butt right now, too. I see a lot of Queen Anne's Lace and thistles (several different variety) along the bike path I walk, but the purple one does not look familiar. I could try to find it in my prairie plant book when I get home.

  4. I strained my eyes looking for the one black petal in the Queen Anne's Lace. We have lots of Iron weed here.

  5. And that is why we spray for broadleaf. It helps Lee's allergies...a little.


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