Friday, August 09, 2013

A Friend Comes Through

Back in May, I had a hankering for some grape Nehi soda.

I don't know why, really. I don't recall drinking much of this as a child. Perhaps I was channeling Radar O'Reilly (from MASH).

At any rate, I hunted around Roanoke for the soda and could not find it. The best I could do was something called NuGrape at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

I asked about it on Facebook. A friend checked for me but couldn't locate it, either. Someone sent me a link for purchasing it online.

The craving passed and I forgot about it.

I met one of my dearest friends for lunch Saturday, and she climbed out of her vehicle with a big box in hand. She asked me to open my trunk, which I did, and she placed the box inside.

"This is part of your birthday present," she explained. She had mentioned when we celebrated my birthday that she'd ordered me something that didn't come in, but I had thought no more about it.

I looked in the box and there they were - six bottles of grape NeHi soda. The old-fashioned kind like we used to have when we were kids.

Don't I have the greatest friends?


  1. Only 6 bottles? LOL I would have ordered you a case!!!! LMAO

    In all seriousness, so glad you have some, and have you tasted it yet? Bet it's delicious.


  2. I was just telling the kids about nehi grape soda, and how intense are my memories of that flavor. The fizzy smell tickling my nose. I wondered if it would taste the same in this contemporary world full of chemical flavors. Please let us know!

  3. Does it taste as good as you remember? On my last trip to Brooklyn I finally had my memory of the best sandwich ever, a cream cheese and walnut on date nut bread, from Chock Full O'Nuts fulfilled. It kinda sucked.

  4. What a friend! My favorite is Grapico and is found only in Alabama I believe that's the only place. I love the stuff. Wonder if Nehi Grape is close in taste?

  5. What an awesome friend. Enjoy!

  6. That's a thoughtful friend! A toast (with grape Nehi) to good friends : )


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