Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Wackadoo Meme, Part 2

The Wackadoo Meme, Part 2 (Part 1 is here.)

From Sunday Stealing

30. What brand of batteries do you usually get?

A. Duracell or Energizers

31. Are any of your friends pregnant or have kids?

A. You're kidding, right? My friends all have adult children, if they have children at all.
32. What is in your medicine cabinet?

A. Deodorant, aspirin, toothpaste, shaving cream, a razor. Usual stuff.

33. What's your favorite aspect of the natural world?

A. As opposed to what, the unnatural world? I like nature, forests, trees, animals - in all of its glory.
34. What's your favorite man made thing?

A. Probably this stupid computer I'm typing on, I can't seem to get away from it. Although I like my house, too.
35. Can you whistle properly?

A. Yes. Tweet tweet tweet.
36. What song do you think is the most widely heard in the world?

A. Since we have armed forces bases in 38 nations, or something like that, I expect it is The Star Spangled Banner. Although Happy Birthday might actually take first place.
37. Where's the strangest place a fast food restaurant was located?

A. Um. You mean one I've eaten at, or where I might imagine it being? I could imagine one being at the North Pole; I suppose it would serve Santa and the elves.

38. What states surround your state? Or are you not land locked?

A. My state is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington DC, and North Carolina.

39. Do you own binoculars or monoculars? What do you use them for?

A. I own binoculars and I use them to watch deer and other animals.
40. Do you ever wish you had a telescope on the roof or attic to stargaze?

A. Sure, why not?
41. What's your favorite chocolate bar?

A. I like them all, except those "air chocolate" ones.
42. Do you fall asleep easy in cars? How about planes, trains and boats?

A. These days I fall asleep pretty much any time I am quiet.
43. Would you rather live a year of your life in every major country or stay in the same place you live forever without vacations?

A. That depends. If it's a year in every country then maybe I would live a very long time, because there are about 195 countries. That would mean I could live to be 195! But then of course I would be *really* old.

44. What will you not tolerate in a person?

A. I have a hard time with stupidity.
45. Do you forgive others easier or yourself? Why is this?

A. Yes, because I know myself. I do not know them; I'm not in their skin.
46. How was God made, if he exists?

A. Two parts vinegar, one part water, a little splash of bleach.

47. Have you ever done aqua aerobics or polo?

A. No.
48. What age were you when you learned how to swim?

A. I think I was about 8.

49. What shows or characters scared you as a child?

A. The Living Dead

50. Do you stay up all night on New Years Eve/Day or go to bed after 12am?

A. Ha. I am in bed by 10 p.m.
51. What's something unusual currently in your fridge?

A. A three-year-old bottle of blackberry wine.
52. How about your freezer?

A. Deer meat.

53. What could you be doing now that is more productive?

A. Balancing the checkbook.
54. Give me some lyrics from the song that's stuck in your head?

A. I see your picture, your name is on the locket, done up in blueprint blue, it sure looks good on you, and if you smile for the camera, you'll know I love you better.  (I can't remember the name of the song, and I'm not sure I have the words right.)

55. What's your favorite type of firework?

A. The kind that go boom.


  1. I feel like I know you from reading these types of blog posts.

  2. No no no.... the restaurant would not serve Santa and the Elves... but you might be served BY Santa and the Elves.

    Definitely would not be a vegetarian's delight type of restaurant though.

  3. Ah yes, I suppose Santa and the elves might want some fast food every now and then. They are pretty busy! I love that answer. Have a fabulous day!

  4. Good gravy stupidity makes me's epidemic sometimes too.

  5. ha, loved your answers and i love the word "wackadoo"...i'm going to have to make a point to use it in a sentence today :D

  6. #54......The song is PEG by Steely Dan. It's in your head because your niece and I danced to it!!!

  7. Stupidity irritates me as well. Love your answer for number 46.


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