Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Machine Stops

Here is an interesting short story that I would like to share with you.

E. M. Forster wrote this in 1909. The story eerily predicts the internet and offers a warning that perhaps we all should heed.

Thanks to my friend Inga for pointing this out to me.


  1. What an unpleasant story. God forbid!!!!!

  2. very intense story...but why can't people with extra white skin be described as ircandescent, glowing, whatever...instead of a white fungus, lol

    1. Well, it's apt for these people, I think. These people don't see the sunlight. They live in their "burrows" plugged into their communication devices and don't take physical activity or go outside. Like mushrooms!

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. I've saved it to read later, when I've finished catching up with a few people.


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