Friday, July 26, 2013

On My Mind

Maybe I never loved you ... quite as often as I should have.
Little things I should have said and done . . .
I just never took the time.
But you were always on my mind.
You were always on my mind.
I learned this morning that one of my husband's cousins passed away. I did not know her as well as I might have liked. You always think there is enough time to do that, to get to know someone better.
But time is ephemeral and it slips through our clasped hands so quickly that we don't realize it. We don't love enough, really. We're all so busy.
Tell your friends and family that you love them. You may not get a second chance.


  1. i'm sorry for your family's loss...i love that song

  2. I'm so sorry for this loss to your extended family. I'm a great one for procrastinating on the important things in life.. shame on me....

  3. I'm sorry that you've lost someone in your family. We haven't stayed close to our cousins over the years until we found several of them on Facebook. For those reasons, FB can be a good thing.

    Your flower is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful rose -- so sorry for your family's loss.


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