Monday, July 15, 2013

How I'm Doin'

So 17 days ago I had my gallbladder removed. How you doin', woman? How are you feeling this far out?

My gallbladder surgery involved four incisions: one in the middle of my chest, two in the side, and one in my belly button.

This is a picture of myself that I took last week.

Last week
Don't I look terrible?

I was pretty sick the week before my surgery and I have dropped some weight. The weight loss, while welcome, makes me look a little worse for the wear. The lack of makeup doesn't help any either. Also, I'm still fat even though I have lost a few pounds. There ain't no gettin' around that. I yam what I yam. I have been good about my diet since I came home from the hospital, though, and have continued to shed a few more pounds. I hope that continues.

Today my belly looks worse than it did when I took that picture last week, because I've had an allergic reaction to my sutures or something, and there is an itchy rash all over my stomach.  The rash was just starting when I had my post-op visit last week, and has only grown worse. If it isn't better by Thursday, I guess I will need to return to the doctor.

I had some minor complications with my surgery. I've had a number of previous operations and I had a lot of scar tissue. The end result is a pretty long incision at my belly button, longer than normal, because the surgeon had to cut around the scar tissue.

I've also had some difficulty with my asthma during these two weeks. That began in the hospital after surgery and has continued sporadically. I am hoping it will calm down soon.

However, the pain in my belly is lessening every day, and that is good news. If I can get the rash to go away, I will be feeling much better.

Today I did a little writing and on Wednesday I plan to resume teaching at the community college. I have two more class sessions that I need to finish up. Hopefully a lot of makeup will make me look a little better.

This is how I am. I hope you're all doing well.


  1. I do hope your recovery continues well and you get rid of that rash!

  2. David has poison ivy on one leg, so speaking of itchy...

    Glad to hear you dropped a few pounds and do hope your eating differently helps keep those pesky pounds off. Where there is a will there is a can do this. I know you can. XOX

  3. Looks like you developed an allergic reaction to the adhesives. Same thing happened to my daughter after her last surgery, only hers was so bad I thought she developed cellulitis! Do not Google pictures of that!!! I'm trying to remember how they handled it. I'm thinking she had to go on prednisone. Yes, Marie just verified that. Unfortunately, she also developed an allergy to latex so do be careful now about that.

  4. I was so sick before my gall bladder was removed....the rest was a cinch!!!!

  5. Well, you don't look chipper OR pleased. I hope that changes soon.

  6. Oh no. I can't see the scar but I can see the reaction rash. I hope you are feeling better now!

  7. Ugh! Hope the rash goes away and that you continue to improve. I suppose the oppressive heat blanketing most of the country this week isn't helping, with asthma or the rash.


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