Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Stealing: It Would Be Nice To Give It A Try


(Isn't it sad that you have to win not a million dollars, but 100 million dollars? Money doesn't go as far as it used to.) 

What kind of car would you buy?

Probably the same thing I have: a Toyota Camry. I might get the 6-cylinder engine, though. And my husband would get a new Ford F-250 pick up truck of some kind, I'm sure. Although you never know. Maybe I'd go check out the Cadillacs or a Jaguar or something.

Where in the country would you move to?

I imagine we'd stay right where we are.

What kind of house would you buy?

We might build a new one after purchasing some of the property around us. It would have a nice front porch.

Would you give your family any money?


What charity would you donate to?

Probably the same ones I donate to now, and I'd set up some kind of endowment at my alma mater.

Would you give your friends any money?


Where would you go on vacation?

Europe. I have always wanted to go to Scotland, England, and Ireland. 

What luxury item would you buy first?

I would hire a cleaning person.

Would it change your life?

That much money probably would, yes.

Would you save any of it?


Would it change your current relationship?

No. At least not the one with my husband. I am not sure how it might affect my friends.

Would you quit your job?


Would you ever work again?

I would continue to write. But I might be the newspaper owner instead of the freelance writer.

What one task would you never do again?

Clean the toilet.

What dream of yours would you be able to do?

More travel.

Would you change the way you dress?


Would you change anything about your body?

Yes. I would go spend time at a fat farm if I could find one.

Would you miss anything about not being rich?

Who would be the first person you tell?

My husband.

Would it bring you happiness?

I doubt it. But it would be nice to give it a try.

These questions are from Sunday Stealing.


  1. Ahhh, more travel! I'd go first class!

  2. A lot of people are dreaming about not having to clean again. You and me both too. It would be nice to give that much money a try, wouldn't it?

  3. More travel would definitely be on my list!


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