Monday, June 17, 2013

A Day Late and a Dollar Short - Meme Questions

The Weird Question Meme, Part Two

Q. What is your ring size?

A. I don't know.

Q. How often do you wear jewelry? 

A. Every day. I always wear a watch and a wedding band. Usually I also have on earrings and a necklace.

Raisins in gin
Q. When was the last time you consumed alcohol? 

A. If you count gin-soaked raisins, yesterday. If not, then I had a little wine in 2011. Generally I don't drink alcohol.

Q. Any big plans for the summer?

A. Nope. I am teaching a class this summer at the community college. 

Q. What is your favorite comfort food? 

A. Chocolate. Followed by potato chips.

Q. Do you prefer broccoli or asparagus?

A. Broccoli. 

Q. What color are your bedroom walls?

A. Eggshell. Or maybe the bedroom is moonlight and the living room eggshell. It is one or the other. 

One of my "children"

Q. With whom do you live?

A. My husband, a herd of cows, crickets, stink bugs, deer, coyotes, foxes, and bears. We live on a farm.

Q. Which Star Wars movie is your favorite?

A. The last one. Return of the Jedi.

Q. How about Harry Potter?

A. How about him. He's an all around good guy but Hermione is the real wizard. If you are asking which movie I liked the best, I'd go with the first one. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Q. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

A. The Hobbit. 

Q. Did you get the popcorn or candy?

My husband bought a bag of popcorn and a soft drink. I bought a bottle of water. 

Q. What is the most romantic text in your inbox?

A. I don't text. Besides, I don't even have anything romantic in my email. 

Q. Have you ever played miniature golf on a date? 

A. My husband and I play miniature golf on dates when we are at the beach.

Q. What’s a phrase you overuse?

A. "That's interesting." It's my polite way of saying, "What the hell are you talking about?" 

Q. Do you always use good grammar?

A. Usually I do in my writing. I speak southern, though. Ain't much good grammar in saying, "Y'all come, we're goin' over yonder, uhwanto?

Q. Do you have an accent or a speech impediment? 

A. See above. I have an Appalachian accent.

Q. What did you eat today?

A. So far I have had a glass of tea and a little chocolate. 

Q. What do you do at work?

A. I write. I make phone calls. I stare out the window. I research things. I create power points. I make websites. I read.

Q. Do you know the rules to any sports?

A. Yes. I know a little about football, NASCAR, tennis, golf, basketball, etc. How could you not know a little bit about that sort of thing? It is all over the TV.

Q. Do you prefer to watch or play sports?

A. Neither. 

Q. What is your favorite kind of hat to wear?

A. I used to wear a big floppy leather hat. Nowadays I seldom wear a hat. 

Q. Do you pray?

A. Getting personal, aren't you? But yes. 

Q. To whom do you pray?

A. Nobody's business but my own. 

Q. What is the closest mountain to your house? 

A. Tinker Mountain.

Q. What size engine is in your vehicle?

A. It's a four cylinder. 

Q. What do you need to do tomorrow?

A. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I need to make sure I have everything for class on Wednesday.

These questions are from Sunday Stealing.


  1. So the class will happen??

  2. I also live with stink bugs. I wish they would find another place to live. Oh, I better not say that, because I found a bunch on my zucchini.

  3. tea and chocolate sounds like me
    that is awesome you are teaching a class
    teachers do so much in this world to really help people
    the thing to remember about community college is that you are helping people who are trying to improve themselves. Go with the synergy!

  4. Loved your "regional" answers. I couldn't even tell you what the closest mountain is to me. We don't exactly have them in Wisconsin. ;)

  5. ha, so now i know what's up when you tell me "that's interesting" ;)

  6. I once played miniature golf on a date.

    Getting a lot of stink bugs down there? I used to complain about having hundreds of them and my Jersey friends would say, "I know! Me too!" I couldn't IMAGINE that it was as bad as the bugs I got in Virginia and Oklahoma. I knew they were exaggerating. It had never been that bad before. And I was right. I've gotten a dozen stink bugs all season so far. They think that's an infestation up here.


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