Monday, April 15, 2013

Weighting the Watch, Watching the Weight

Yesterday I signed up for Weight Watchers. Again.

This is my second-go round with WW. The first time was in 2011, and I lost weight on the program, but I have gained it all back (and then some).

My weight was under control, more or less, until I started trying to have a child. When I underwent endometriosis and fertility treatments, my hormones went bonkers. One of the drugs I was on packed pounds on me - I remember I gained 30 pounds in six weeks on one of the medications. The doctors said "Oh no, it's not the medicine," but years later a study indicated that the particular drug could nearly double a woman's weight. At the time I was taking massive doses of this drug, too - way more than they recommend now. It was a new thing at the time and I was, more or less, a guinea pig. They have the drug under better control now, and I suspect it is also not a first-line drug of choice these days.

I was not raised up eating right. My mother worked a full-time job and after a certain point in time, we fed ourselves. For a long time I thought a bolgna, ketchup, and mayonnaise sandwich on white bread met all four food groups. Swanson's frozen dinners were a girl's best friend.

Today I know better but I still struggle to put the knowledge into action. I have trouble with the trans fat thing, and sweets. I am a certified chocoholic, and the best thing I can do is just leave the stuff alone completely. It is easier when other things in my life are going well.

It would also help if I could actually cook. Oh, I can roast things or whatever, but I do not make complicated, tasty dishes. Plain Jane, that's me. I don't like to read recipes and I don't like playing with my food. Maybe I need cooking lessons.

My struggles with weight have been going on now for 25 years - half of my life. The first half of my life I was in good shape, but I have not done so well with the last half. I am a sedentary person - I prefer reading to running a marathon - and I have other health issues that must be addressed, too. It is tough to walk when your foot is swollen, and it is hard to lift weights when your shoulder and back hurts.

Anyway, I am writing this as a shout-out to anyone else who might be doing the weight thing. Perhaps we could hold hands and jump together? I will try not to write about this struggle too much as I don't want to bore anyone, but I make no promises. This might be my last refuge.

All support welcome.

Happy Monday.


  1. Sis,
    Dieting is all in your attitude and in your mind. Easy to say hard to do, I know. I'm back on mine effective today. Since I gotta Dance with your Niece on May 31, I don;t want to be the fat guy on stage. Low Carbs, no junk, water, water, water. I'm here to help if you need it. Oh and by the way, I'd be happy to give you some low carb cooking lessons!!! ;)

  2. If you haven't read Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat, read it immediately. Then read Wheat Belly by William Davis. Low carb is the way to go. And, if you're at all gluten sensitive, eliminating wheat will help considerably. Eliminating wheat also helps asthma and allergies. Don't try to eat low fat (butter is good!); do eat low carb—and avoid artificial sweeteners.

  3. Along with eating differently, I have a cousin who started wearing only her bra and panties around her house so that every time she passed by a mirror she would see herself and go, BLEH! She looks fabulous now! So, get those clothes off... LOL It might help.

  4. Good luck on this journey. It is so hard for me. If you are trying to stop smoking or drinking you can avoid those situations. You can not avoid eating and it is labor intensive to do all the food prep to do it right. I am not entirely sure why chocolate doesn't taste horrible and broccoli doesn't taste like chocolate. Not fair somehow.


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