Saturday, April 20, 2013

Professional Therapies

Back in November, my primary care doctor sent me to a specialist to see about a problem with my back. The specialist sent me to physical therapy, the first step in a long process necessary to help me with my health care issue.

Unfortunately I've had a number of physical problems besides my back show themselves in the last several months. At the moment my physical therapist is juggling orders for me from three different doctors, all of whom want various body parts strengthened or functioning better. It is a lot of work and requires a lot of attention from my physical therapist.

I am visiting Professional Therapies in Daleville. Occasionally I like to applaud people who are doing good things in the area, and I have to tell you, the ladies at this health care facility are excellent. They are there to help you, not just take your money and send you on your way. The personal care is exceptional.

From Lisa at the front desk to Audrey, my terrific physical therapist who takes care of me, I have had nothing but wonderful attention and great communication.

This is a company that lives up to its claims on its website. They really do care about people and want to make lives better. I have seen this not only with myself, but also with others as I have watched the various therapists while I am there. They display infinite patience while dealing with cranky people who are in pain and are not at their best.

I have been visiting long enough now that even therapists I have not worked with know my name. It is not unusual for me to be doing some type of activity in the common room with the equipment and hear one of them call out,"That's great, Anita!" or "Good job!" I am a champ at some of the balance exercises; others, not so much. But that's okay because I am trying.

My progress has been steadily incremental, if not fantastic, and those small improvements have been applauded. When I am unhappy because it seems to be taking forever to improve, Audrey reminds me of the small amount of weight that I could lift when I first came in. Now I am lifting almost 10 times that. I have been very grateful for her positive attitude and those reminders.

I cannot imagine how difficult the job of physical therapist is. Messing with people's bodies, dealing with folks who are in pain - it can't be pleasant. Plus you have to keep up conversation all day and there is only so many ways to discuss the weather. They have herculean tasks before them with every patient, and each physical therapist works her way through it, one labor at a time. I am amazed every time I go in for my work out.

These ladies work with people of all ages, from tiny children to white-haired old ladies who are scared of falling. Not once in all the time I have been visiting have I heard them raise their voices, lose their temper, or be unkind.

I wanted to take a moment to laud these unsung heroes of the health care system. If all health care was like this - wellness assistance provided by people who really do want to see you improve - I think we would all be much better off.


  1. Many years ago I had a back injury. I went to the chiropractor for months and he also had a physical therapist in his office that stretched my leg and back muscles. They also had me doing a series of exercises and stretches at home on a daily basis AND I walked about a mile and a half every day. Can't tell you how good I felt and how healthy I was back then. I think having a healthy body comes from not only eating well, but also exercising. Sounds like you have some great people helping you, Anita. :)

  2. My back has been hurting lately. This time it's not going away. It's worn out. I knew it was going to happen, sooner or later, because of the horses. Not only because I ride, but because I lift many heavy things on a regular basis--40 lb. bales of hay, 50 lb. bags of grain, heavy buckets of water. I always thought I was using my body correctly and lifting with my arms and using my legs, etc. But since my back has been hurt, I've discovered that I was not. I was using it to lift things and to pull myself up. Now I have to consciously tell myself to stand back up by using my legs and not pull myself up with my back. I couldn't believe I was doing that! I'm sure your therapists have taught you this stuff. I wish I would have paid attention sooner, but like everything, we never think it's going to happen to us. We never think we're going to get old. We never think we're going to have aches and pains. We never think it's going to catch up with us.

  3. Good for you for hanging in there. I went for a long time and it is hard to see the slow improvements. I hope you continue to see improvement.

    The people at the therapy office are lucky to have you for a client.


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