Wednesday, April 24, 2013

He Called It "Pruning"

I planted my forsythia, which runs along the side of the driveway, about 25 years ago. 

Early on, it was four separate bushes. But over time, they grew into a single hedge.

My husband stopped trimming it back because, according to him, the overgrowth would keep the snow from drifting into the driveway.

Last year, the hedge had overgrown so much that the deer found it a wonderful place to live. They moved in, complete with fawns, and proceeded to do their business in the area. In hot weather, it smelled like a zoo outside when you went out the back door.

So I told my husband the forsythia should be pruned back this year, as soon as the blooms were off, so that the deer would live elsewhere.

He agreed. And while I was out one day, he began to work . . .

He took a chainsaw too it. Yeah. He called this "pruned."


  1. Sis,
    If you really want things pruned,call on me. I can do it. Chain saw was the way to go, but he should have kept it about 6 inches off the ground all the way across!!! LOL!!!!

  2. I have a husband that thinks that way, too. This way it won't have to be done again for a loooong time. And he knows I will say, "Never mind, I'll do it the next time!" Do you think they are related?

  3. Ours is quite large too and I love that it blocks a bit of the view of our house from the lane. Are you supposed to prune it in the springtime after it blooms?

  4. not sure my comment went thru...thanks for the only laugh I've had all day...but it was a belly laugh! visiting from Diane, I think. can't really remember now.
    oh well

  5. Snicker... Sounds like the way most men think. Oh, well -- I hope it helps the deer problem.


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